PSP Review: What Did I Do To Deserve this My Lord 2

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Known as “Badman 2” in Japan, this game is one of the most addictive games I have ever played. Story of this game is simple; the demon Badman calls upon the God of Destruction, the player, to help him stop the invasion of heroes and conquer the land. This is a very new and interesting idea, considering how the player is usually main hero of the story trying to save the world. This game is very easy to pick up, yet at the same time it is challenging enough to retain a very high level of replay value. The main game is divided up into three sections: training, story, and Badman’s chamber. The tutorials of this game are very extensive. It covers every single subject the player needs to know in order to play the game. It also have challenges in the training section to help player to fully utilize concepts and controls, learned in tutorial chapters of the section. The story tab basically sets the player up with Badman, who basically goes around and asks the player to help him build an under ground dungeon to hide him and stop hero invasion. Badman’s chamber, however, is just an infinite time dungeon building, that has the monsters evolve in order to collect data for the almanac.

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The objective of this game is simple: build a dungeon, hide Badman by creating monsters out of soil blocks under ground, and fend off any and all human invasion. The monster creation relies on digging and breaking blocks of earth with nutrient in it. The more nutrient in a single block the stronger the monster will be created from the block. Also, the dungeon that is created relies on a very important ecosystem. Stronger monsters, in order to survive and reproduce more monsters like it, will feed on weaker monsters. The food chain of monsters must be maintained properly by the player or else the dungeon will not be able to withstand the humans trying to capture Badman.

The replay value of this game is extremely high. Even after the story mode the player can then go into Badman’s Chamber to try out different combinations of the dungeon design and monster count balance, monsters will evolve into different variations. Most of the replay value of this game falls on the Badman’s Chamber. Since there are over 200 different types of possible monster evolution and mutation, it will take a really long time to collect them all and complete the Almanac.

Overall this is a great game to play no matter if it’s to kill time or to have something to stimulate the mind. Due to the replay value and the flawless game play and design, this is one game everyone will always come back to when they need something to do.

Grade: A

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