10 Awesome Scenes from Season 6 of Game of Thrones

Just recently the official trailer for season 7 of Game of Thrones was released giving fans an exciting preview of what to expect. In no time, July will be here and GOT fans will be happily neck deep in snow, dragons and sword fighting. There were so many amazing scenes in season 6. But for now, let’s take a quick look back and reminisce about some of the most awesome things that happened…

#1 – (Episode 1) Brienne swears her allegiance to Lady Sansa

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The last we saw of Lady Sansa in season 5 was of her and Theon Greyjoy jumping from the wall of Winterfell and landing in the snow to escape the cruelty of Ramsay Bolton. So not only was it a relief to see that they survived the fall, but even more of a relief when Brienne showed up to save the day when Ramsay’s men and dogs found them. What made the moment even more awesome was that Brienne had finally fulfilled her oath to Jamie, and in turn fulfilled his oath to Lady Catelyn (Sansa’s mother), to protect Sansa. After Brienne laid down the sword “Oathkeeper” and said her vows, it brought all the feels to see Sansa say them back just as her mother did!

#2 – (Episode 2) Tyrion lets the dragons off their chains

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I looove the story Tyrion told the dragons when he was meeting them for the first time. Not only was setting them loose incredibly brave, it was such a great move on his part. Of course he had gotten assurances from Missandei and Grey Worm that they had been around the dragons and had never been attacked. But this was his first time ever coming so close to a real dragon. And considering the fact that he asked his dad for one on his name day and cried himself to sleep that night after being told no, how incredible that he was now face to face with one, petting one, and setting not one but two free. So cool…

#3 – (Episode 5) Jon and Sansa reunite

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It took them so long to see their family again. When Sansa left Winterfell she was a young girl and Jon, himself, was very green. And considering how much they had seen and done since, when they were finally reunited, it was such a wonderful scene and so gratifying. I mean, good grief, Jon Snow died and came back from the dead for crying out loud! Sansa had gone through two incredibly horrible husbands and she survived that ordeal virtually unscathed! That scene was as much of a relief as it was heartwarming…

#4 – (Episode 5) Dany torches the khals and emerges from the fire to take control of the khalessar

daenerys%20fire%20dosh%20khaleen%20dothraki%20game%20of%20thrones 10 Awesome Scenes from Season 6 of Game of Thrones

Not much shocks the Dothraki. But Dany sure knows how to make an impression. It really doesn’t get much more badass than being able to stroll out of a burning building with only a few hairs out of place. But this is how the Mother of Dragons gets her point across… and how she rules armies….

#5 – (Episode 5) Hold the door

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One of the most heart-wrenching scenes in GOT history and perhaps television in general, was the story of how a mild-mannered boy named Willis became Hodor. And with a time-warp story to rival John Connor’s from the Terminator, Bran has a vision and worg’s into Hodor in both the past and the present, setting Hodor on a singular path to watch over Bran and someday hold a door which keeps a horde of white walkers at bay while Bran makes his escape. So sad and compelling!

#6 (Episode 7) Lady Mormont and 62 fighting men

 10 Awesome Scenes from Season 6 of Game of Thrones

One of my favorite new characters is 10 year old Lady Mormont. She came into power after her mother died and definitely lives up to her name Lyanna. She really knows how to command a room and while she might not be very experienced, she has a good head on her shoulders and tries to do what’s right which is refreshing, admirable, and fierce all at the same time.

#7 (Episode 9) Dany gets the Iron Ships from the Greyjoys

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This alliance was exciting in a couple ways: one because Dany was finally going to be able to head across the sea back to Westeros which she had been talking about doing for so long and two, because the Greyjoys were doing something meaningful and huge… And how fun was it to see Tyrion giving Theon a hard time? It really brought back to mind just how different Theon was since the last time he saw Tyrion.

#8 – (Episode 10) Hand of the Queen

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Talk about someone who’s come a long way. Tyrion was being tried by the Gods not too long ago and if the Red Viper hadn’t gotten taken out by a half-dead Mountain while he was showboating, he would’ve been vindicated. It was so close, though! Tyrion is one tough guy, and he really has a keen mind. Dany was needing someone to counsel her and he’s the perfect man for the job since they’ll be going back to Westeros and dealing with his own family who he’s spent a lifetime strategizing with and against.

#9 – (Episode 10) Ned’s promise to his sister Lyanna

Lyanna Ned Stark and Jon Snow Official 10 Awesome Scenes from Season 6 of Game of Thrones

Another huge revelation happened in Season 6. Well, it hasn’t been said outright but the way the scenes happened, there was no doubt that Ned was promising to protect his sister Lyanna’s newborn from Robert Baratheon. For many seasons now, there has been a mystery surrounding the identity of Jon Snow’s mother. And now, we find out that it’s Ned’s own sister… and who’s Jon’s father? Well, it’s not King Robert because that’s who she was trying to protect him from. No, if you watch the scene before Ned enters the tower, he fights two Targaryan soldiers. It’s Rhaegar (Dany’s other brother) for sure, and word has it there should be more about him to come in season 7. Perhaps, even to be played by singer Devin Oliver from the US who looks almost exactly like Rhaegar and freaked everyone out with this IG post:

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Of course, we’re not sure how this will play out for fans who have been holding out hope of a Jon Snow / Daenerys Targaryan union if, in fact, she is his aunt. But hey, weirder things have happened on this show…

#10 – (Episode 10) The King in the North

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The last scene discussed melds into this scene where Jon Stark is sitting around the table at Winterfell with all the northern clans. Lady Mormont is calling the others out on their cowardice like a boss and they’re admitting it, too. What’s awesome is that she announces that Bear Island recognizes no king unless his name is Stark and she doesn’t care if he’s a bastard. Stark blood runs through his veins, which we now know for sure it does only not in the way we previously thought. And the scene ends with everyone cheering “King in the North!” at Jon Snow.

So many amazing scenes but not enough time to mention them all. Yet only another month or so until Game of Thrones comes back. Until then ….

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