10 Things I Did with My Rebate Check

pride 10 Things I Did with My Rebate Check

Yes, sir. I got my tax rebate last week that will supposedly stimulate the economy. So, here’s what I did to help the economy.

10) Children of Men HD DVD – $10
Bought it used at an exchange forum. Now all I need is Planet Earth and the first Matrix to complete my HD DVD. I still prefer HD DVD’s over Blu Ray. To me, HD’s picture quality is more natural and film like-don’t flame me, I have both formats.

9) Chipotle – $8
Finally tried Chipotle for the first time to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I got the carne asada bowl. It’s fresh and tasty but also pricey.

8 ) Grand Theft Auto 4 -PS3/360 – $59.99
I bought this a couple of weeks back but it was part of my budget. This game is way overrated. It’s the same ol GTA we’ve been playing for years but with better graphics. Is that so bad? No it’s not but when it gets perfect scores, I expect it to break new grounds. I’d give the game an 8.5

7) Athletic shirts – Old Navy – $13 for two
That’s right, I need new shirts for the summer. I buy 100% cotton shirts now because it hugs the body and looks better than regular shirts. Just make sure you don’t put it in the dryer and you’ll be fine. Yes, I learned the hard way when it shrunk. Good thing I was able to exchange it. Props to Old Navy’s excellent customer service.

6) Enchanted Blu Ray – $15
Also bought used on an exchange forum. This was the surprise movie of last year. I finally saw it on dvd and this was an awesome flick. Locations were also great, especially after visiting NYC. So why not, might as well buy it on Blu.

5) Breyer’s Mango Ice Cream(limited edition) – $5
This ice cream is delicious and supposedly only out until summer. Tastes like real mango, not the sherbet kinds you get somewhere else. Plus it has real mango’s in it. Worth the $5.

4) Put $50 aside for a future MMA Event
Rumor is, my favorite fighter, Fedor Emelianenko will be fighting Tim Sylvia at the Arrowhead Pond….. I mean Honda Center in July. Hopefully the cheapest seats. will be around $50. If everything goes through, this should be a kick ass event.

3) Pride of Baghdad – $8
Went to a local used bookstore to look for some photography books with my brother and saw what is supposedly one of the best graphic novels in years. For $8, I couldn’t resist. The story is about a group of lions in wartorn Baghdad, 2003. I’ve read the first 20 pages or so and so far the critics are right. The book has political tones but keeps it balanced. Artwork by Niko Henrichon is also impressive

2) TMNT figures – NECA – $43
turtles 10 Things I Did with My Rebate Check
Read so many great reviews of these figures and I just had to have it. I was introduced to TMNT in the early 90’s and I’ve been a fan since then. These figures are based on the original comic book, just in case you’re wondering why they all have the same colors. Got the set at Frank & Son’s. Online, they go for about $15 per figure.

1) Put rest of the money in the bank
That’s right, even though bank interest right now is really low, I’m not going to spend all of it. With gas and food prices rising every day, I’m saving my money for the rainy days to come.

With the $600 check I received, about $385 will go to my bank. My goal was to spend only $100. Dammit, I always go over.

pixel 10 Things I Did with My Rebate Check

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