The Best and Worst Comic Book/Superhero Films

 batmanbegins bigcarryposter The Best and Worst Comic Book/Superhero Films

Top 10

1.  Batman Begins (the definitive Batman film with Christian Bale as the best ever Bruce Wayne/Batman, the film also has strong support all around, especially from Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and future star Cillian Murphy, who plays the creepy Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow)

2.  Spider-Man 2 (the best of the 3 Spidey films… far)

3.  Sin City (near perfect rendering of Frank Miller’s gritty graphic novel)

4.  The Crow (brooding goth classic with Brandon Lee’s final performance in a stylish-looking Blade Runner-esque Hell)

5.  V for Vendetta (The Wachowski Brothers surprisingly good adaption of Alan Moore’s graphic novel, with a strong moral about the effects that facisism and the evil of the right-wing fanatics have on a free society)

6.  X2: X Men United (the best of the X Men films)

7.  Superman 2 (the most purely entertainly Superman film)

8.  Superman (a classic)

9.  The Punisher (another surprisingly good and faithful adaption of the Marvel Comics book about a brooding anti-hero out to get revenge on the people who killed his family and ruined his life)

10.  Spider-man (Not perfect, but it did a great job introducing Spidey to the silver screen)


1.  Batman and Robin (one of the worst films of all time)

2.  Crow: City of Angels (see above comment)

3.  Spawn (a total trashing of the ultra cool comic and anime from Todd Mcfarlane)

4.  Superman 4 (terrible)

5.  Daredevil (a miscast and mumbling Affleck, nearly comatose in a gay S/M suit…..where’s Matt Damon when you need him)

So, what are the best and worst comic book films, you’ve ever seen ? Feel free to comment and post your most loved and hated

pixel The Best and Worst Comic Book/Superhero Films

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