1966 Batman Toy Line

old batman02 1966 Batman Toy Line

The cheesy, but cool at the same time, Adam West Batman is making a comeback, or at least DC Comics is hoping it would. DC Comics is planning to release comics in the future. But first, they announced the release of the old school Batman figure as an exclusive at SDCC (San Diego Comic-con) 2013, which only means one thing, that most of us won’t be able to get it!

The Cesar Romero Joker, Robin, The Riddler, and Penguin are also coming out, but I don’t think as exclusives. Enjoy the photos below courtesy of Action Figure Insider.

old batman04 1966 Batman Toy Line
They’re all pretty awesome. I like the approach of making this line as cheesy as possible.

old batman03 1966 Batman Toy Line
This is my favorite. If I can only get one, I would pick this!

old batman01 1966 Batman Toy LineAlthough, it doesn’t feel very 60s, the Box Art is still pretty cool.



pixel 1966 Batman Toy Line

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