200X Special Subscription-July: Callix.

Offered to the idiots who wanted it, was a half year subscription to figures made after the 200X cartoon. These figures are characters that appeared once and no one cares to remember them…or do they???

The subscription only figure is…well, not a figure at all; but, heads for characters that have already been released such as Buzz-Off, Snout-Spout, Clawful and a few others. Are heads worth subscribing for? NO. 200X Sorceress? Uh…yeah!

What is worth subscribing for is the guarantee that you will receive Veena, the wife of King Grayskull and the first Queen and guardian of Castle Grayskull. Veena is a beautiful figure and I am waiting until November to get her to shine at the top of my collection. If I am lucky and can get a second Veena on sale day, then I can really be satisfied…of course, then I would have wasted time and money by getting the subscription.

The idiots at Mattel’s “Crappy Collector” never processed my order which was supposed to be shipped with Peekablue and save me money on shipping; so I asked for either a cancellation or free shipping on Callix as a way to keep me a customer. Now, I’ve been getting MOTUC figures for years and I knew better, I knew that it is a privilege to have these figures, I should feel lucky that Mattel will take my money so I can have them and if I don’t like it then don’t subscribe—so, they told me to fuck off and sent the figure at full price after shipping.

Calx 1 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

A good company would realize their mistake and make things right, free shipping on one figure wouldn’t hurt them in any way. As for canceling, well, this proves how stupid they are; all one has to do is run to the bank and say “my card got lost!!!” and the bank responds with A1 customer service and cancels the card and issues a new one…this in turn causes the subscription to automatically cancel and Mattel learns another hard lesson, don’t fuck with the consumer.

Calx 2 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

So, here is the first figure of the 200X collection; this is Callix. Callix was a member of the Evil Horde until he gave Hordak good battlefield advice and was turned to pebbles—or killed in one magical blow—no, he can not restore himself afterwards as the bio on the back of the box claims…Callix was dead.

Calx 3 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

Now, my thoughts on the figure are pretty high for once—all right, this has been a decent year, a lot of figures have had high thoughts. The detail is really well thought out and the movement of the joints is interesting with twists and turns in the lower legs at the rock formations and his waist is kind of loose and his head is kind of…and his arms don’t… Well, all in all, he works OK? Maybe because it is hot out and everything is loose? The upper armor restricts his shoulder joints and his head. The legs are very stable though, he won’t fall over; he has very big feet.

Calx 4 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

The detail front and back is really nice for only offering two colors; I’m really surprised that the quality of the sculpt is so high.

Calx 5 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

Callix includes two weapons, a two-tone shield that he can hold in his hand and a combination axe and crossbow. Quite nice for a character that appeared once and didn’t make any impact at all.

Calx 6 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

Callix awakens on his feet with Catra before him, he is confused as to why he still lives. “Who are you cat woman?” Calix asks as his body of stone grinds as he moves.

Calx 7 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

“I am Catra, the queen of Crystal Castle…I just left my Sword of Protection behind…yeah, that’s it…I have awakened you from death as Hordak is trying to stick a saw blade into his body in Eternia Tower,” Catra replies.

Callix turns and says, “You appear to be a powerful being Catra, why have you brought me back to life? Is it to get a chance at revenge upon Hordak for killing me?”

Calx 8 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

“Something like that…you see, some of us are a group of outcasts from the Horde empire; I was originally from a different story and they made me part of Hordak’s minions and I was a laughing stock; now I’ve gotten serious, I won’t bare the mark of Hordak any longer,” Catra says as she moves about making her tail wag upon her fur skirting.

Catra stops suddenly as she feels the weight of her tail being lifted by Callix and his mighty axe.
“And what is this? A part of you?” Callix says dumbfounded.

Calx 9 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

“Are you trying to look under my skirt you perverted rock monster; I’ll scratch your eyes out you bastard!” Catra screams and Callix moves away letting Catra’s tail fall from his axe.

From nearby comes a buzzing voice, “Is everything OK Catra; is the rock man becoming a problem? What a way to show thanks for being revived from death.”

Calx 10 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

Mosquitor appears before Callix and looks him over and says, “I don’t think I can drain this one?”
“What are you supposed to be insect; I will squash you like the bug that you are if you try anything,” Callix says angered.
“Callix, we are to join together to overthrow Hordak and take over the Fright Zone…I was kicked out for ripping the rubber puppet…we have other members waiting such as Entrapta and Multi-Bot…will you join us?” Catra says.

Calx 11 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

Mosquitor moves next to Catra mainly to get away from Callix; she laughs to herself as she thinks how big and bad the giant mosquito is supposed to be.
“I agree, we shall band together to remove this Buzz Saw Hordak from power; I’m looking forward to it…” Callix says as he now joins the great fucking rebellion against Hordak where they will actually do whatever it takes to win without a little rainbow sprite and talking owl to get in the way.

Calx 12 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

The three cheer as they prepare for battle with Buzz Saw Hordak…

Calx 13 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.


Callix is really a well made figure, he might seem a bit boring and pointless, but for some reason, the sculpt alone and the accessories make him a worthwhile character to add to the collection.

Every month there will be a new one-shot figure from the 200X line…some will be better than others…especially a certain SEED of evil…?

GRADE: B (Very nice, not exceptional and Mattel’s lousy service helps keep him from getting an “A.”)



pixel 200X Special Subscription July: Callix.

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