X-Man’s Final Steps In Gettin A Girl: Sealing The Deal

FINAL STEPS: Securing & Enjoying the Date. Ok, once you have gotten the digits, you are going to have to be a lil’ patient. Wait a few days before you call her (approximately 3 days) unless she asks you to call her that day or the next. The reason being is because she gave you the number for a reason right (unless it was a wrong number)? If she happened to give you the right number, it was because she is interested. So why wait a few days? Because by calling her right away (within an 30 min or a few hours) will scare her away and make her feel smothered. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT. That is why it is safe to give it a few days.

Ok, so how does one ask to hang out or go on a date? Well first off you do not want to say, “Hey let’s go on a date.” The word “date” in itself can be scary to a lot of people. So avoid that word. Here is a better way of asking for a date…..First find out what her plans are for the day, week, or weekend. That is when you can move on in. You can say something like, “What do you have planned for this weekend?” or “Do you have anything exciting to do this weekend?” You can obviously vary your type of questions. Be creative!

Once you find out what day she might possibly be available, ask her the question you been wanting to ask her. Here is a way of saying it, “Hey well we should hang out sometime” or “Want to go out this weekend?” She probably will ask “What do you want to do?” Then you can respond by giving suggestions on things to do (cosmic bowling, miniature golfing, a bar/club, movies, restaurant, the beach, concert, etc.) Finding out what she likes and dislikes can help you decide what type of things to suggest to her. If she agrees to go out with you, then you now have secured the date (hopefully she doesn’t cancel, but if she does see if she would like to do it another day). Just don’t be pushy about it! Be understanding because she will like it if you are.

How does one enjoy a date and make it fun for the 2 involved? It’s pretty simple, BE YOURSELF (just as long as you ain’t too creepy or goofy). Yes it is true, some girls like goofy, but not too much of it. If you catch yourself laughing too much while she is not, then you might want to tone it down and relax on the jokes or things you say. BE CONFIDENT AND RELAX! Ask her questions in general about what she does during the week, or how she likes/dislikes school, or what type of movies she has seen lately. Just be creative and ask random questions (no perverted ones at all!), but nothing to personal either. A fault that I hear a lot of guys doing is this. The guy talks too much about himself, what he has, what he has been through, or how much he makes. The point being is that the guy spends too much time trying to brag or talk about himself rather than the girl. A girl likes attention and wants to be able to talk about herself too…..so let her and ask her questions. Don’t ask too many or too little. You can decide how much is a lot (do not mess this up).

Lastly, do not stay too quiet while on any date. That will cause the “date” to feel ackward, boring, or uncomfortable. If you have to, tell her a few jokes, show a lighter side of you, make fun of yourself (just a lil’), or just be funny. Girls like guys that can make them smile or laugh!

There you have it folks. I have tried to give you the best possible way to succeed. All the steps that I have gone through can obviously be tweaked or changed if needed depending on the situation. Remember, BE SMART, CONFIDENT, RELAX, AND BE YOURSELF and you will have an enjoyable experience!

*Sorry for the 2 month delay! Hopefully it was all worth it. Any questions, feel free to ask…email is xxbpballer34xx@yahoo.com

pixel X Mans Final Steps In Gettin A Girl: Sealing The Deal

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