3 Reasons Why Inception Was Robbed For Best Director

christopher nolan 3 Reasons Why Inception Was Robbed For Best Director

So today, the Oscar nominations were announced and one name I was sure would make the list would be Christopher Nolan for Best Director.  Oscar doesn’t give nominations to newcomers but after Dark Knight and Memento, I thought he’d finally get a nomination.  Instead here are the directors that are up for the running:

Darren Aronofsky for Black Swan (2010)

Ethan Coen, Joel Coen for True Grit (2010)

David Fincher for The Social Network (2010)

Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech (2010)

David O. Russell for The Fighter (2010)

Out of the 5 directors, I’d have taken out Russell.  The Fighter was cliche’d and carried by the casts’ performance while Inception had a gripping story that was well executed.

Christopher Nolan 1111593c 3 Reasons Why Inception Was Robbed For Best Director

Nolan on the shoot of Dark Knight

Here are the 3 reasons why Christopher Nolan was nominated for best director for Inception:

1) Story –   In the first ten minutes of the film, the audience already accepts the idea of the dream world.  The rules of the dream is explained later on but viewers don’t question the concept behind it.  Which leads me to the different stages of dream.   We could’ve easily  been confused which dream we were in but Nolan made sure that we understood what was going on.  Let’s not forget the open-ending that so many people talk about.  Some say it could be a gimmick but Nolan gives you enough clues what the ending should be.  For a movie that’s suppose to be really confusing, Nolan made the audience care enough about Leo’s character that it became Twitter’s third most talked topic in 2010.

2)  Special Effects – Majority of Inception’s budget of $160 million could’ve been used for special effects but Nolan instead used the budget on actors and shooting on real set locations.  When a filmmaker is given an unlimited budget, it can go to hell.  Look at Transformers 2 or Matrix 2 and 3.  Filmmakers forget about the story and started focusing on the wow factor.  Then you’re end up with an emotionless movie.  With Inception, Nolan only used CG whenever he had to (city rotating, decayed building).  With the lack of CG in the movie, we instead focused on the story and characters.

nolan dark knight rises 3 Reasons Why Inception Was Robbed For Best Director

3)  Editing – Inception wasn’t nominated for editing either and this might be the reason why Nolan wasn’t nominated for director.  Editing and direction goes hand in hand and the Oscar probably didn’t appreciate the former.  I’ve always loved Nolan’s editing and Inception was no exception.  He has these sequences where the music plays while a person narrates and you’re just bombarded with cool scenes.  In Inception, he did it when the dream world was explained but then he tried something new, just music along with scenes.  These can be seen in the climax as the characters get out of the dream and also in the end.  Nolan had to have these scenes planned before the shoot so it can be edited easier.  Which means, Nolan already knew the vision of Inception on his mind before making the movie.

While Dark Knight had some inconsistencies to be nominated for best direct, Christopher Nolan should’ve gotten it for Inception.  He created a movie that was well thought out.  Nolan could’ve been tempted to use much more special effects but he restrained himself and focused on classic filmmaking.  I’m sure Nolan won’t be nominated for Dark Knight Rises because of the comic book genre but let’s hope it’ll be as good as Inception.

pixel 3 Reasons Why Inception Was Robbed For Best Director

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