Murder Inc. A Short Film.

Control, it can be an emotional and mental level of assuredness and confidence.  All sorts of things control us, misconceptions as insidious as they are, can control a lifetime.  I know what you might be thinking, a control session is about to spill all over your monitor and seethe into your brains and for just a few minutes, you may become a puppet in this cyber playhouse.  I have to deny the urge to stop you and say I can only imagine the wheeling and dealings I would place into effect if I did have such Control.  But I digress.  I have a feeling, though deep down and dark, that each one of us secretly wants full control.  But is it the same as having full power?  And doesn’t that power come with full responsibility?  I don’t know about a lot of you, but I have enough of that.  The taste of power may seem filled with sweet cherry goodness, spilling at the sides of your mouth but if its responsibility you want, that hardly has any taste at all.  Mind control can have such an effect on someone, their personality transforms, their attitude sours, they become withdrawn and a recluse. Characteristics, I pride myself on possessing, however as delightful as I may seem too many, these characteristics may not be attributed to a norm of a society.   In this short film, Murder, Inc. written and directed by Travis Hayward, displays conspiracy and mind control to the highest degree.  With action and deceit, you may get lost in the special effects but you might find your way back with your own perception of who controls who.  It has the surprising scene that will capture your strict attention.   In the midst of your dizziness, try to enjoy the soundtrack and keep in mind, this is not controlling you.  Relax and enjoy the film.  After all, we only fear what we cannot control.  The pause button is just a click away.

0 Murder Inc.  A Short Film.
pixel Murder Inc.  A Short Film.

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