Beat The Devil: A Short Film.

Even when you allow those shadows to follow you, they have the ability to haunt you.  The choices you make, mold you into something you cannot see, and the mirror tells another lie.  You chase those beings that have already gathered and clutched their mits tightly around you.  All in all, not realizing they have become you.  Or have you become them?  Hard to tell, who is real, with all these shadows floating in and out of bodies these days.  Is anyone committed anymore? Maybe what we need is just a bit of loyalty, to the vices that sink their fangs so deep in us.  Ever wonder if poison is at all luscious and savory to the senses? If it makes your skin tingle or your eyes widen?  The tempting offers from shadows we vicariously want to live thru.  Curiosity can bend you, creating an alter-ego you have raved over for so long.  A release, to find yourself with the upper hand against that routine and mundane life, we’d all love to leave behind.  We would sell out, to rid the one single piece of the puzzle that doesn’t quite fit, causing the urge to remove that innate stem of our biological being.  And transform into someone we desperately desire.

Beat The Devil, a Tony Scott film, shows us how we can have it all with one simple contracted deal.  Don’t get it twisted, the Devil is no fool and won’t be swindled.  He offers that mouth-watering deal tightly woven with a high rolling price tag and his devious intent.  He knows what you want. Knows what you would do to get it.  But be careful what you wish for, empty promises and dirty dealin’ can bring nations down to a crumble, just think how easily you’d sign your life away on that dotted line.

0 Beat The Devil: A Short Film.



pixel Beat The Devil: A Short Film.

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