“Nuit Blanche” A Short Film.

Magic.  Many believe in it.  Many wonder and secretly snicker at the mere chance of capturing the one moment that creates it. Magic is a true wonderment, one that cannot be transposed.  It simply creates in itself a majestic beauty.  A sand filled wave in the ocean, a frosted cloud in the sky or an eternal love.  All of these, at times seem so unattainable, so we dive ourselves into the tangible, logical matters that provide temporary value and meaning to our empty lives.  But where is the true joy?  We are too afraid to express our vulnerability to let the magic in.  If it were a million dollars, our fear would be sold at an instant.  However we hold ourselves back from that which is sensitive and real.  Why do we not reach out, no matter what the barrier or hardship it may take to gain what we lack the most?

Why not, start now?  Close your eyes and move through the impossible.  Grab hold of it, and let it take you.  Perhaps then, the beauty will deliver your true magic.

Please enjoy this film Nuit Blanche, Directed by Arev Manoukian as it explores the world of what we encounter when in just one moment, our lives stop to in realization of what is beautiful and real.   It captivates each sequence of instant where two people take a glimpse of true possible magic.

This notation and film, I dedicate to my parents, Speedy and Ofilia on their 44th Wedding Anniversary on March 11.  My mom, Ofilia was and continues to be a true inspiration to me.  They both have taught me the true meaning of believing, in all that is Magic.

0 Nuit Blanche A Short Film.
pixel Nuit Blanche A Short Film.

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