Trailer: S. Korea’s First 3D Film …. Sector 7

Sector7Poster Trailer:  S. Koreas First 3D Film .... Sector 7

Released on August 4, 2011, Sector 7 goes down in Korean cinematic history as the very first 3D IMAX film to be shown there ever, which is wild considering how long 3D films have been showing in the US.  But what’s equally remarkable is that the hero/protagonist is a female, which is another rarity in Korean cinema. Not only is she female, but she is a tomboy, which flies in the face of the typical Korean female archetype of someone who is either voluptuous and sexy or quirky and cute.

Sector 7 is about the crew members of an oildrilling ship who are battling a crazed, mutant sea monster. The actress Ha Ji-Won has been dubbed the Korean Angelina Jolie for her action scenes, the filming of which caused frequent visits to the hospital. She learned to scuba dive and got her motorcycle license for the role, and is being said to blow Jolie away in the butt-kicking department.

The film has sold over two million tickets to date, half of which happened in the first few days, which isn’t so bad if you consider that it’s probably like the equivalent of 20 million bucks.  For being open around three weeks, that’s better than a lot of films that are released in the US.

According to Hancinema, Sector 7 took five years to produce, including pre-production.   One of the biggest obstacles was for the actors who had no experience emoting in 3D.  Here is the trailer with English subtitles:

0 Trailer:  S. Koreas First 3D Film .... Sector 7


pixel Trailer:  S. Koreas First 3D Film .... Sector 7

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