3D Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon

how to train your dragon 3D Movie Review: How To Train Your DragonGrab your horned helmet, comb your beard, and pack your favorite Axe? It’s time to take a ride, in DreamWorks’s How To Train Your Dragon.

The film follows the story of  a boy named Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the 3rd (Jay Baruchel), he lives in a Viking Village where everything revolves around slaying Dragons.  Unfortunately he’s not strong, he’s definitely not big, and he’s all around awkward.  He struggles with being different from everyone else, and yearns to prove his worth.  So when Hiccup makes an unlikely ally in the fabled Night Fury Dragon, he begins to etch his name in the pages of  history.

photo 06 hires 3D Movie Review: How To Train Your DragonThe creative team behind Lilo & Stitch, Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, do a tremendous job of bring the world of the Dragon Slayers to life.  The film also has an all-star cast with Gerard Butler playing Hiccup’s Father Stoick The Vast, America Ferrara as the love interest Astrid, and Craig Ferguson playing pretty much well….himself.

The Dragons in this film are oddly more like cats than reptiles.  There is a reference where a specific grass induces a similar like reaction to cat-nip.  But other than that they still breath fire, cause massive damage, and have wings.  Toothless, Hiccup’s trusty flying steed, is far from your normal Dragon.  He is perhaps the most articulate character in the film, even though he never speaks. Through his gestures and facial expressions, Chris Sanders’ (Director/Voice of Stitch) influence really shines through.

3D wise, this film is gorgeous.  Rather than go for the cliche “in-your-face” style, the 3D adds more depth to scenery and landscapes.  I recently had problems with Alice in Wonderland in 3D, some parts looked too much like a pop-up book, but that had more to do with the film being converted into 3D and not shot in 3D.  I guess with CGI being 3D in general,  CG animation movies have an unfair advantage in 3D over live-action films.  Also aerial scenes where Hiccup rides Toothless through the clouds are bound to leave you breathless.  Another thing that is awesome in the movie in 3D….. Stoick The Vast’s beard, you could hide a full sized Chocobo in there.  It is truly a beard made for 3D.

howtoraintyourdragonhero 806x453 3D Movie Review: How To Train Your DragonThe film is kind a hard to place in a specific category. It’s not really a laugh it up comedy, like Shrek or Madagascar. Yet it’s not really a serious animation as say UP.  It’s a clever comedy, coming-of-age tale with surprising depth.  I wasn’t really sure if I like the film until it was over, but once it was, the film overall was a very satisfying experience and I’d diffidently see it again.

Rating: B+

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