4th Xbox 360 = Fixed and Better Than Ever?

Okay let’s recap what happened to the previous 360’s I’ve owned:

1st – Bought the console May, 2006. Returned it after a couple of weeks because it kept freezing.

2nd – Bought in July of 06. Got sent back for repair in August this year for the ever famour: RED RING OF DEATH(RROD).

3rd – Got back a crappier refurbed system than my previous unit. It sounded like it was scratching the games. To top it all of, it stopped reading games several days after getting it. Sent back in September for another console.

4th – Got it back today, manufacture date of 9/14/07, it can’t mess up now, can it? Happy that I’ll finally play Halo 3 co-op with my buddies online. Plugged it in and put Halo 3 on the tray. What do I notice? A fucking RROD. That’s right, they sent me another console that has the same issue as before. I called MS and the person asked me how long have I been using the console until I got the RROD. I told him “Oh none whatsoever, you guys sent it to me that way”. He apologized(they do like to apologize.) and told me that they’d send me another coffin and it’ll take another 3-6 weeks to fix the system. I asked to talk to a supervisor and she said they’d get back to me within 48 hours.  Just to let everybody know, it’s about a 20-30 minute process for MS to give you a repair #.  They asked me again to check if everything was plugged in correctly and if my cord was plugged in.  Thinking back about it, I should just ask for a new console because sending me back a refurbed unit won’t solve the problem and it’s just wasting my time.

HEY MICROSOFT, you need better quality control. I guess they were right when they admitted that all 360’s are defective. I was glad to hear they were going to replace it. What I didn’t know was that they’d replace it with another broken unit. Way to go Microsoft.

Here I am, flashing gang signs to the 360:
rrod 4th Xbox 360 = Fixed and Better Than Ever?

pixel 4th Xbox 360 = Fixed and Better Than Ever?

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