7 Other Things To Do At Comic-Con

comic con crowd 7 Other Things To Do At Comic Con

It’s days away before fellow nerds gather in San Diego for Comic-Con.  The event has gotten so big that geeks hang out with their own clique, whether it’s Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman or just the hardcore comic book lovers.  One thing is for certain though, all of us will look down at the Twilight fans lining up a couple of days just to see a glimpse of Edward and Jacob.  Come on, what are these guys thinking?  If it was for a classic franchise like Resident Evil, I’d understand!

Movie panels seems to be the main draw at Comic-Con nowadays but here are 7 ways to enjoy your experience even more:

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7) Zombie Maze – Walking Dead will celebrate its 100th issue with a big ass maze at Petco Park (That’s where the Chargers and Padres play).  Unfortunately, you can’t double tap the zombies and you can only run away from them.  Here’s the cool part: You can be bitten, become infected and start attacking survivors.  Here are the rules, which makes it sound really fun.  There’s different section and if you’re not brave enough to risk your life, you can just watch.  This would’ve been #1 on the list but the price of this maze pissed me off.  For a “35-55” minute maze, they’re charging $75 per person..and you thought watching it would be free?  Hell nah, it’ll cost you $15.  Now that’s what you call corporate zombies..mmmmmmmm Moooonnneeeyyy!

6)  Lesser known celebs – Lines will be long for movie panels with big celebs such as Robert Downey Jr for Iron Man 3 but it might be a better investment looking at the program and see who’s signing at the exhibit hall.  Take for instance, the always awesome Guillermo Del Toro.  If you don’t know who he is, stop READING this and GTFO!  He’ll be signing at the Gentle Giant booth for a Blu-ray Blade 2 exclusive.  Comic celebs will also be signing at different booths and since this is a Comic Con lines might be long for them.  Anyways Tim Bradstreet and Thomas Jane will be there and they like to mingle with fans.  These guys aren’t the most well known but they’re just as talented as the guys from the movie panels.

5)  Upcoming toys & surprises – Toy companies such as Hot Toys, Lego, Kotobukiya like to flaunt new lines at the event.  And why not?  Geeks have a lot of spending money or just starve for a month to get their favorite toy.  Either way companies win.  So go check out your favorite toy booth and pay attention to the display.  If you don’t know which toys were revealed, just follow the big crowd in the booth.  Companies will also have some cool giveaways including giving out exclusives for free if you do a little treasure hunt (Lego a couple of years ago) or maybe tweet to hype up the brand.

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4)  Exclusives – Just like the stench of smelly nerds, exclusives never go out of style at Comic Con.  Several companies get lazy with their offerings by coloring a figure differently and calling it an exclusive but there are still some good ones out there.  Kidrobot has an fun looking Homer Buddha that’s a real exclusive, which means it’s only offered at the convention and just made for the event.  Hasbro also has a cool Shockwave HISS Tank With Destro, combination of GI Joe and Transformers baby!  Since they’re exclusives, they’ll cost you a pretty penny so choose wisely.  It’s best to scope out what’s your favorite exclusive before the con so you won’t be overwhelmed once you’re in.

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3)  Artists Alley – So you’re on a budget and can’t afford an exclusive.  Well you can still get cool exclusive prints from your favorite artists for $20 or less.  Usually if you haggle with them they’ll give you a discount.  Just let them know you’re on a budget but want their print because there art is great.  Artists have heart too.  If you really want a one of a kind piece, ask for a commission.  It’ll run you from $50 – $400 depending how famous they are.  Don’t be afraid to get one on the cheaper end, usually these artists are just starting out so they’ll give you a good deal.

2)  Swag – Companies will be giving out free stuff ranging from bookmarks to action figures.  DC booth always hooks it up with free comics, pins and posters.  We’re talking Batman and Aquaman #1’s, not some shitty ass title nobody wants.  If you just go from booth to booth you’ll get plenty of items for free.  Remember there are plenty of kids at this Con so don’t be a villain and get things just because they’re free.  Only take what you want and leave the rest to fans that really want it.

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1)  Chillax – Comic Con is a sensory overload because there’s just too many things to checkout.  The best way to deal with it is just to relax.  You go to the con to have fun, not to stress whether you’ll miss a panel or not get a certain exclusive.  Take your time and enjoy the cosplayers as you’re walking to your destination.  Also relish the fact that you’re with fellow nerds.  Mingle and talk with them.  I see too many people at the Con too focused on getting certain things done that even when they achieve it, they’re still stressed out.  Where’s the fun in that?

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If it’s approached right, Comic Con is a fun event.  This past several years, it became too focused on consumerism.  If you take that out of the equation, you have a kick ass convention.  You don’t have to do and see everything to enjoy it.  You’ll probably enjoy it more just by soaking in the sights and sounds.  If you’re able to meet your hero or get a an exclusive, consider it a bonus.

Have fun a Comic Con!


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