80’s Fan Review Of The A-Team!

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I remember when I was young sitting in front of the TV watching the evening block of Knight Rider and The A-Team. Two action packed shows with cool stunts, great stories and that feel good ending that you can only get from a well-written and well-acted show.

The A-Team starring Liam Neeson as John “Hannibal” Smith the leader of the rag-tag bunch of commandos who “Love’s it when a plan comes together” was reminiscent of George Peppard’s character.

Tough-guy, fool pitying and “I hate flying!” B.A. Baracus  (Scooter to his Mama)was played by Quinton Jackson. This MMA fighter actually started sounding like Mr. T when he went into his classic rants over Howling Mad Murdock’s crazy escapades. The only thing missing was the many gold chains!

Face was played by Bradley Cooper, who at first I thought was a joke and would ruin the movie, however, there were excellent scenes that reminded me of Dirk Benedict as Templeton Peck.

In the end however, Sharlto Copley as H.M. (Howling Mad) Murdock stole the show with a craziness that would make Dwight Schultz proud.

The cast as a whole interacted well together which made for the kind of movie that could reboot  the TV show with respect and modernization.

80s A Team 80s Fan Review Of The A Team!

The A-Team Of The 80's.

The stunts, special effects and even the CG was well done. The action was not only fun, but it was well staged.  The ending was very cool as were the wild stunt/CG sequences throughout the film.

The supporting cast was great including Jessica Biel, as Face’s love interest/ pursuer. Patrick Wilson as an odd spin-off of the Col. Lynch character and Brian Bloom as the smarmy, baddie Pike.

The awesome and classic “building” of their plan, and other shout-outs to the fans including the machine gun shots out of the back of the van (that actually hit!) Was well appreciated.

The A-Team was comical–I laughed a lot which was quite enjoyable!  I was in awe of the action which alone makes this A-Team a summer block buster to not only remember, but to buy on DVD.  As much as I was trying to find a flaw as a huge fan of a great 80’s show, I really couldn’t, so The A-Team gets a…

GRADE: A  …for A-Team!

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