A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

E7 boxes 1024x734 A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

The Anime Eureka SeVen has had mixed reviews in the past, some people say it’s too long at 50 episodes and others love it. I’d say that I’m in the middle and find it great on a lot of levels such as the story in itself and negative by how annoying the main characters get on their slow road to finding themselves.

The DVD’s took about 2 years to collect. Having to wait every other month for the next disk to come out was like waiting for paint to dry. Most of the disks came out in a special edition which included a T-shirt most of the time and a Manga book. The first disk came with a fancy collectors box, a shirt, Manga and a CD of some of the sound track. In the middle of the releases a second CD of the soundtrack was included and at the end was a third version which included a compilation of songs. The second art box came with disk 7 a Manga, a shirt and CD.

E7 box11 607x1024 A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

Box Set 1.

The end of the collection was like getting a 1st place trophy or gold medal at the Olympics. It was nice to have all of the episodes to watch without commercials and at my leisure. Cartoon Network (when they still showed cartoons {only}) had shown the series with less censorship than they normally had with other Anime shows, however, I remember that they didn’t show the small scene at the end of the credits the first time around–they did show the scene the second time they played the show.

E7 box21 632x1024 A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

Box Set 2.

I recommend Eureka SeVen to anyone because it has beautiful art and clean animation, great characters and wonderful music. The series is still available, I just recommend NOT getting the movie, it’s just a run together of the series.

E7 Manga 1011x1024 A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

8 Volumes Of The Manga.

The Manga of Eureka SeVen is somewhat different from the Anime, it has a mostly different story that is of course shorter and quite violent. The Manga spans 6 regular volumes and 2 special (side story) volumes. The art is very nice and as usual in black and white. The covers are backed in white with a colorful picture featuring the characters from the story. There is a color page at the beginning and each is a good read.

E7 Vid1 A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

The First Video Game.

The Video Games of Eureka SeVen are available for the PSP and PS2. The 2 games for the PS2 are based on the characters from volume 7 and 8 of the Manga–Sumner Sturgeon and Ruli. The games have crappy play control and can really be a pain due to the game play being in favor of the CPU (what else is new!) You play as Sumner and do OK at first, then get your ass kicked due to weak weapons and not being able to do more controller tricks than performing a fatality in Mortal Kombat! The graphics are actually pretty nice and the CG cut-scenes are well drawn and voiced.

E7 Vid2 A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

The Second Video Game.

The game for the PSP focuses on the main story of the Anime and plays a bit better than the PS2 games. The graphics are very good and the sound is as good as what can come out of the small speakers.

E7 VIDoll A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

Voice I-Doll Featuring Eureka and Talho.

The Figures of Eureka SeVen are very special. The talking I-Doll figures offer bases that have the voices of the Japanese cast at the touch of a button. The modeling of the figures is well-detailed and the paint application is excellent.

E7 UFO C 1024x867 A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

UFO Catcher (Claw Game) Eureka and Talho.

The UFO catcher (claw game) figures are unbelievably well made for being a prize for those who can catch them. Both the modeling and paint are well done and the package art is very cool.

E7 Figurine 1024x705 A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

Figurines: Eureka, “School Girl” Ruli, “Race Queen” Ruli and Talho.

The figurines are finely detailed for being small, they have stands and look as good as a full size figure.

E7 Anemone A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

Anemone Statue, With Gulliver.

The best of the batch is the Anemone statue. Everyone’s favorite mentally ill “Princess” includes her pet Gulliver, a stand and some of the best modeling and paint apps that could come on a figure! The box itself is well designed and displays the statue nicely.

Also available are a Eureka and Talho statue, one of Renton and many toys of the robots and other assorted figures, key chains and general merchandise.

All in all, Eureka SeVen has it’s ups and downs, but it’s still one of the better Anime’s left on the market. It offers action, comedy and great drama it is definitely worth a watch.

E7 Ruli Tat 693x1024 A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

Ruli (Bad Camera Angle).

I’ll leave you with my tattoo of Ruli from episode 45 of the Anime and the cover of the second video game.

pixel A Look Back At Eureka SeVen

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