A-Team Pics With Jessica Biel

ateam 2 A Team Pics With Jessica Biel

It always fascinates me when movies use real combat techniques instead of shooting bad guys without aiming and never reloading (except for Hard Boiled and Killer, those were still awesome).  So when I saw the set pics of The A-Team from wwtdd.com, I got really excited! Look at Bradley Cooper holding that damn M-4, he looks pretty kickass.  That’s cool how they have military advisors on the set since the A-Team are supposed to be former special forces.

Plus Jessica Biel (you can check out more pics of Biel at thesuperficial.com) is in it, probably playing the girl who needs their help.  It seems like it’s heading  in the right direction.  I hope director Joe Carnahan doesn’t mess it up by trying to make the movie serious and goofy at the same time, it should be in between.

ateam 3 A Team Pics With Jessica Biel
Rampage actually looks better than I thought as B.A. Barracus

ateam bradley cooper A Team Pics With Jessica Biel

It’s Solid Snake

ateam 4 A Team Pics With Jessica Biel

pixel A Team Pics With Jessica Biel

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