Ace Is A Standout Amongst Comic Shops

Comic shops are a dying breed but in a low key Lawndale strip mall, Ace of Comics is still going strong.  I noticed the shop a couple of months ago as I passed by and saw a Superman logo outside.  I go in excited to the small shop but not expecting much because I didn’t want to be disappointed.  First thing I noticed were Batman figures that I’ve been looking for.  The toys were priced lower than I expected so I buy a whole set of DC Direct’s Arkham Asylum series 1.  I start a conversation with the easy going and funny owner, Jim.  He told me he’s been in Lawndale for a while but not many people notice his shop because of the location.  But he also tells me the shop has loyal customers and it keeps him in business.  We say our goodbyes.

I’ve been visiting the shop ever since then and I’ve realized why Ace of Comics has such loyal customers.  It’s because of Jim.  He’ll suggest comics but never pressure me into buying it.  He opens his shop in the afternoon after he’s done with his full time job.  He’s trying to open up earlier with some help from his family.  I can’t say for sure but I have feeling he opened up the comic shop because he loves the hobby.  I don’t think his priority is to make cash.  I truly believe his goal is to share his love of comics with as many people as possible.

“One kid in particular saves up his money by doing yard work.  He spends most of his cash here.  I felt bad that he spent so much that I always gave him a discount. Kids should be rewarded for working hard, they’re our future.”

Another example is when I bought more action figures and several comics.  He had an extra swag bag from free comic book day and gave it to me.  In the bag were new hardcover graphic novels, action figures, toys and a whole bunch of comics.  I told him he was giving me too much but he said it was excess inventory.  How many comic shops will do that?

Below are the pics:

1 Ace Is A Standout Amongst Comic Shops
My haul, the bag looks small but check below what was inside

4 Ace Is A Standout Amongst Comic Shops

3 Ace Is A Standout Amongst Comic Shops

2 Ace Is A Standout Amongst Comic Shops

Also this past week, he had great deals on shirts and hoodies.  I got a toki doki Captain America hoodie for $20, they retail for around $70.  You can follow him on FB for the latest deals and product arrivals.

I wish more comic bookstores are like this.  I feel like I’m just hanging out at a friend’s house and talk about the latest comics…and also getting great deals.  So if you’re in the South Bay, make sure to check out Ace of Comics and tell him I sent you!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Ace Of Comics
3940 Marine Ave. Unit B,
Lawndale, CA

pixel Ace Is A Standout Amongst Comic Shops

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