Adventure Time showcases Fionna and Cake

Fionna and Cake Adventure Time showcases Fionna and Cake

A new Adventure Time DVD compilation has been released:  Adventure Time Fionna and Cake, named after the female alter egos of heroes  Jake the Dog ( voiced by John DiMaggio) and Finn the Human (Jeremy Shada).  It has 16 episodes from seasons 2, 3, and 4, including the first appearance of the title characters.   They are presented in 1 78:1 anamorphic widescreen and Dolby Digital sound 2.o audio.  This package is light on extras, featuring five character biographies.

There has already been some fan discontent regarding the set-up of the package.  I can definitely see why to an extent.  Like the presentation of other Cartoon Network shows, we have a random selection of episodes rather than an entire season.  This is somewhat jarring when you are used to seeing them in order. But on the positive side, they are mostly quality selections and you get 16 rather than 4 or 5.

It`s also a bit puzzling that this is called the Fionna and Cake DVD when there`s only one cartoon featuring them. Why not include their new adventure from this season as well?  I admit as a fan that I`m excited to see more of the pair.  According to website DVD Talk, they originated as a whimsical female doodle of Jake and Finn drawn by AT  crew member Natasha Allegri.  Series creator Pendleton Ward  liked the idea and  gave them an episode.

Fionna ( voice of Madeleine Martin) shares Finn`s blonde locks, white knit hat, and youthful enthusiasm. She`s an action-loving girl who  has a very feminine side and often struggles to reconcile these qualities.  When handed a purse for her big night at the Candy Kingdom ball, she asks, “Where am I gonna put my sword?”

Feline sidekick Cake (Roz Ryan) is an appealing round-eyed calico straight out of anime.  Like Jake, she provides humor and a combination friend/parental role to her human companion.   The friends have their adventures in an AU version of the land of O00:  every male character is now female, and vice versa.

The other episodes are well-chosen and entertaining.  Several in science-loving Princess Bubblegum and perpetual teen vampire Marceline, both of whom are also strong female characters.  Stand-outs include “What Was Missing,” in which Jake, Finn, sentient video game BMO, PB, and Marceline  must get their favorite things back  from a troublesome Door Lord.

Adventure Time has so much for adult and child fans: surreal humor, surprising character development, and colorful animation that seems to combine video game and anime elements.   I would like to see a full Season 2 available, but the Fionna and Cake compilation is a fun medium  in which to view the show nonetheless.


pixel Adventure Time showcases Fionna and Cake

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