Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season, Blu-ray Review!

ADT1 Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season, Blu ray Review!

New on Blu-ray, digital download and DVD on February 25th is the complete third season of Cartoon Networks beloved series; “Adventure Time!” By Warner Bros. Home Video.

Starring Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, these brothers perform heroic acts in the land of Ooo—formerly known as Earth. In this post apocalyptic world, the human population is down to maybe one or possibly two where the Candy People reign supreme, led by their ruler Princess Bubblegum.

“Adventure Time” features a collection of the strangest characters from a Lumpy Space Princess to Marceline the Vampire Queen. Although the cartoon is focused more towards the Y7 generation of kids, there are multiple scenes in different episodes depicting a bit of adult humor, and even violence; however, it is pretty subtle to the young mind and pretty much would go over their head.

ADT2 Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season, Blu ray Review!

Containing 26, 15 minute (approx) episodes or 13 full episodes; the standouts in this set include “Memory of a Memory” where Marceline’s ex boyfriend Ash tricks Finn and Jake into removing a memory from her mind in order to continue his abusive relationship with her—this one features some nasty violence at the end, probably why it’s a standout. “Too Young” introduces “The Earl of Lemongrab”—the kids’ favorite screaming, lemon-headed character. After the end of season 2 where Princess Bubblegum is almost killed by the Lich, she is restored as a young teenager and becomes affectionate to Finn who she pretty much ignores at her true age of 18. However, in order for her to take the Candy Kingdom back from Lemongrab, she must return to her proper age.

Topping all of the episodes is the gender bending episode “Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake.”  (Fionna the Human and Cake the Cat); this was one of the most interesting episodes that the show had ever done where the characters gender roles are reversed and even the opening credits are changed to depict the alternate universe…or the villainous “Ice King’s” fan fiction…

As a last note on the episodes, the one with the most nasty amount of violence is called “Dad’s Dungeon” where an evil character is turned into an apple and eaten to her bones by her cohorts—I can’t believe that got past the ratings board! The episode itself garners Finn with a new “Demon’s Blood” Sword—almost like an on-going thing as though it were a role-playing game, Finn gets a new sword every some-odd episodes. Very enjoyable, I highly recommend “Dad’s Dungeon.”

The picture quality is as good as what your equipment can handle; it’s pretty crystal clear on an HD set-up.

The sound is 2.0 Dolby, so it’s just fine, it’s not like watching a movie in full surround or anything; it’s simply a television show.

Extras include commentaries, the alternate intro and even a making of: “How an idea becomes Adventure Time.”

ADT 3 Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season, Blu ray Review!

The final item is pretty rare with some video reviews, the case of the disk itself is BMO (B-Moe) the little “Gameboy-like” multipurpose robot friend of Finn and Jake, it is a slip case and the DVD’s case has BMO’s internal circuits; also included are cut-out arms and legs to make the BMO case come alive!

Not all the episodes are perfect, some are dragged out and even boring, however, the good ones really outweigh the bad and no show is perfect, so regardless of this fact, I highly recommend “Adventure Time” The Complete Third Season to fans of the show or someone who just wants something new to watch. Go ahead, give “Adventure Time” a try, I think you’ll like it, at any age!

GRADE: A (There are a lot of great episodes, and the clarity is just amazing!)

pixel Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season, Blu ray Review!

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