Alma ~ a short animated film

Images of ourselves can often be a misconception.  Single handedly, we pave a clear path to where we think we want to go and then… bam!, steamrolled by a simple distraction.  If only we paid closer attention, we might avoid entrapment by what seems to be an attractive desire.  But as many have crashed and burned before, we want what we want.  However be careful what you wish for, as in this short film, Alma by Rodrigo Blass, we may think that the most attractive desire is in fact, ourselves.  Be free, I say, like flying birds.    After all, flying birds, what’s the worst that could happen?  Except get caught in airplane engines.   Let’s simplify it, create your own fantasy world, be yourself, be the doll, either way, what bliss.  The choice is yours, but the consequences are for the world to see, even if it is thru glass emotionless eyes.

Make sure you check the film out.  Great detail and cinematography.




pixel Alma ~ a short animated film

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