Amazing Spider-Man #698 Leaked Spoilers

 Superior Spider Man Vol 1 1 Camuncoli Variant Textless Amazing Spider Man #698 Leaked Spoilers

As Amazing Spider-Man approaches the end of its existence with issue 700, a panel from ASM #698 was recently leaked online that shows us who the Superior Spider-Man could be…….. And if it turns out to be what I think it is…… Joe Quesada needs to be fired and hanged off a bridge for this.

The panel shows a unmasked Peter Parker standing over the dying Doc Ock, however it is revealed that Doc Ock some how switched minds with Peter Parker and now knows all of his secrets, Peter lies helpless there crying upon the realization that he’s going to die in this broken body any second now, leaving all of his loved ones at the mercy of Octavious.

Now while this might sound like an interesting idea, however two things need to be taken into account, first this isn’t like a small fun story in an ongoing series, this is the end of current Spider-Man and the beginning of a whole new one, and second, this is Marvel, Joe Quesada and Dan Slott were talking about.

The unholy trinity that has kicked Spider-Man in the balls, and have been beating the ever loving crap out of him while he’s down for the past four years now, ever since One More Day, if they really make Octavious the new Spider-Man…………………………

 starwars nooo Amazing Spider Man #698 Leaked Spoilers

 Couldn’t have said it any better myself Vader, this is a horrible, horrible idea and I pray to god that this isn’t the new status quo for Spider-Man for the foreseeable future, and if it is Quesada needs to be fired.

I will give the guy credit for helping the 616 universe get back on track with Marvel Knights, following the horrible 90s but he has been ruining not just Spider-Man but the entire Marvel Universe for years now.

Because of his constant BS, great writers like JMS, Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker have all left the company, nice work Joe!

Now if you make Octavious Spider-Man and get rid of Matt Fraction and Mark Waid, you will finally help me drop every Marvel book with a clear conscience.

There, you guys got a news story and a rant for free!!! So please, tell me your thoughts on Spider-Ock?
















pixel Amazing Spider Man #698 Leaked Spoilers

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