The Amazing Spider-Man Coming to PC

The Amazing Spider Man The Game Screenshot 4 646x325 The Amazing Spider Man Coming to PC

As some of you may know, The Amazing Spider-Man game came out a few days ago for consoles and handhelds but the PC version was strangely missing, well Activision and developer Beenox have confirmed that the PC version of the latest Spidey game will hit August 10th.

While we usually don’t expect too much from movie tie in games, this title was developed by Beenox.  The guys behind the last two Spider-Man games, Edge of Time and Shattered Dimensions which both received good reviews and fan reception.

Currently the game has a 73% on Metacritic, with a user score of 83%, most fans and critics agree that this is both a great move tie in and a very good Spider-Man game in its own right. So what will you  guys do? Will you check it out right now on the consoles or wait for it (like me) to come to PC?


pixel The Amazing Spider Man Coming to PC

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