Recent Animes: Check ’em Out

I have accumulated a list of recent Animes that you should look into. I think there’s something for everyone here: there’s rebellious rockers, non-conformist world saving, a high school drama/comedy, a college comedy with science, and a serious period drama with samurais. It’s easy to check these out since they’re up on Hulu’s site.

Beck, Mongolian Chop Squad

  • Rough, young, passionate rock drama. A bit rebellious and quite angsty. The story follows a high school kid, Koyuki, who feels a bit out of place. He meets another young man, Ryusuke, that opens his eyes to rock and punk music. Beck

Eden of the East

  • In the not-so-distant future, in a world similar to ours. 😀 12 people are chosen to save Japan and given 8 billion yen to do so. You follow one man, Akira Takizawa, as he tries to figure out why he erased his memories and how he became one of the possible “saviors” of Japan. Also, on an aesthetic note, Eden of the East has a really nice opening that blends typography, characters and backgrounds. Eden of the East


  • Standard high school setting that focuses on the workings of Otogi Bank. This social club deals with conflict resolution. Okamisan (Japanese for “wolf”) is the nickname of the main girl, Ryoko, a super-tough young lady with custom boxing gloves who usually resolves issues with her fists. Her boxing gloves have kitty faces that back a real blow. Kawaii! This anime has an extremely cute style and wacky characters. Okamisan

House of Five Leaves

  • An Edo period drama that follows a meek samurai, Masanosuke Akitsu. Masanosuke accepts a job as a bodyguard for Yaichi, the leader of a gang called the Five Leaves. The show has slow pace and subtle nuances, which I find hard to resist. This anime has a unique style and beautiful backgrounds; it’s part of noitaminA, the top-rated anime block in Japan.House of Five Leaves

Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture

  • Not actually an anime, this live-action show is surprisingly animated. The premise is that a young man enters college at an agricultural college to study microbiology. The interesting part is he, Sawaki, can see the microbes with the naked eye. It is totally wacky and sometimes disgusting. It’s also part of noitaminA. Moyashimon


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