Anonymous Hackers Setting Sights on Facebook

anonymous masks Anonymous Hackers Setting Sights on Facebook

It’s like a cyber-spaghetti western.  The Anonymous hacker group in a stand-off with Mark Zuckerberg and his army of computer geniuses. But is this thing a hoax or what?  According to Business Insider, some member of Anonymous has tweeted that this is a rogue faction of their group that is going after the social networking site and not Anonymous as a whole.  (But isn’t that how a lot of their hacks have been?)  Apparently, there was an original large-scale plan in the works by Anonymous to hack Facebook but they gave up on the idea.  Maybe some of the members decided they didn’t want to lose their Facebook page…?  Here is a quote from an Anonymous message board which explains how the group works:

“Anonymous is a mindset not a group. Mindsets do not have leaders. With any given operation there are always some who agree and some who disagree. With opFaceBook specifically there are those that agree and those that disagree. Annoymous allows each person individually to vote on each operation, a yes vote means they participate, a no vote means they do not. Anyone is allowed to create an op and if others vote yes it will get traction and something may be accomplished.”

There is a rumor that the plan is not to actually shut Facebook down but to prevent anyone from logging in for a period of time.  Operation Facebook is set to go off on November 5, 2011.

[Source:  Business Insider]


pixel Anonymous Hackers Setting Sights on Facebook

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