Ant-Man Movie Release Date Announced!!!

 ant man 1 Ant Man Movie Release Date Announced!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the long in development Ant-Man movie by Edgar Wright finally has a release date! And it is November 6, 2015! What’s really shocking about this is that its coming out AFTER Avengers 2, there are two possibilities and both are highly probable.

 The first is that Ant-Man will be setup in the Avengers 2 and then will receive his own movie once audiences can get acquainted with the character (similar to how Hulk became huge after Avengers).

 And the second one is that Ant-Man could be the first film of Phase 3! It does seem odd this early for Ant-Man to be the starting point of Phase 3, but the MCU wasn’t created just so we could dish out Iron Man, Thor, Cap and Avengers sequels every few years.

 We still know next to nothing about the plot but Marvels Kevin Feige announced a few weeks ago that the Comic Con footage would be released at some point in the near future.


pixel Ant Man Movie Release Date Announced!!!

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