Apple Reports Record $6 Billion Net Profit

Steve Jobs to Drop the Bomb on the iPhone Apple Reports Record $6 Billion Net Profit

Apple has reported that it had $26.7 billion in sales for the for the 4th quarter of 2011 and a net profit of $6 billion. With the report of the profit, Apple’s stock price went up by $5 today to $345.80.  The most surprising stats for me was the sale of iPads.  They sold 7.33 million units.  I still don’t see the point of owning one but everyone that has it said it’s really cool.  Maybe I’ll play with it some more at their store.  Another crazy info that Apple revealed is that 80 companies out of the Fortune 100 companies are testing out the iPad for office use.  iPhones sold a staggerring 16.24 million units, it could’ve sold more but Apple couldn’t keep up with the demand. 

Here are the numbers for their products sold in the 4th quarter:

iPod – 19 million
iPhone – 16.24 million
iPad – 7.33 million
Mac- 4.1 million

Oh damn, Apple is taking over the world!

Source:  DMWMedia

pixel Apple Reports Record $6 Billion Net Profit

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