Art: New Batman Graphic Novel

Written by Chip Kidd, the new Batman graphic novel, Death By Design, is available now, and is presented as a “what if” novel. The story is set in the 1930s, and the art is primarily in black & white.

batman design01 667x1024 Art: New Batman Graphic Novel

The cover shows Batman hanging upside down, behind him is Gotham city. Heavy emphasis is placed on the 1930s fantasy style architecture of the buildings, as the story revolves around the reconstruction of Gotham city in that era. The idea behind the visuals and the mood of the novel comes from writer, Chip Kidd. Kidd wants the book to feel like a 1930s black & white film. He, then, expressed his ideas to artist, Dave Taylor.”I would find visual references for the way I wanted it to look and I would send them to him (Dave Taylor). And he would send drawings back.”

The primary art of the book is done in pencil shading, with minor warm colorings (against Kidd’s original vision) on certain characters and objects, such as street lights, etc. Taylor’s style is very sketchy and heavily organic. Batman’s face is elongated. He looks different without the familiar chiseled jawline, and the heavily defined cheekbone that’s always associated with Bruce Wayne. One can even make an argument that there’s a small resemblance to the 1960s Batman, Adam West.


Mostly black & white with small warm hues on the bottom of the page.

batman design04 684x1024 Art: New Batman Graphic Novel


Gadget of the 30s.

batman design03 683x1024 Art: New Batman Graphic Novel


It seems like Taylor drew on heavily textured gray drawing canvases.

batman design02 683x1024 Art: New Batman Graphic Novel

The 1930s rendition of Batman and the reinvention of Gotham City is definitely interesting. The curious mind of Chip Kidd, and the original style of Dave Taylor should make this novel an entertaining read.

Thanks to comic book resources for the images.

pixel Art: New Batman Graphic Novel

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