Arts of Hellboy’s Duncan Fegredo

Hellboy 665x1024 Arts of Hellboys Duncan Fegredo

Here are some of Duncan Fegredo’s drawings pulled from his twitter account. Fegredo is known for his work on Mike Mignola’s Hellboy series. The Hellboy references on the pieces below are evident. The most recognized being the drawing style, and the brooding expressions of the characters. Let’s not forget Fegredo’s amazing ink-washing technique, it elevates the somber mood of his work.

Here, all four popular Monsters conveys sadness and/or loneliness. A different way of looking at the creatures.fegredo art 01 715x1024 Arts of Hellboys Duncan Fegredo


Batman always lurks the night. But, one thing he cannot hide is his sadness. We all know what happened to his parents. He is a tormented soul, as depicted by Fegredo in the illustration below.
fegredo art 03 Arts of Hellboys Duncan Fegredo


This is a very cool piece showing Hellboy’s empathetic nature to the species that cannot accept him.
fegredo art 04 691x1024 Arts of Hellboys Duncan Fegredo

pixel Arts of Hellboys Duncan Fegredo

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