Is Assassin’s Creed III Sexist Against Women?

ac3 lineage Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?

Earlier this year, Ubisoft’s director Alex Hutchinson defended their decision to make the lead assassin in the Assassin’s Creed III game male because the American Revolution was “the history of men.”  So are we supposed to believe that women had no place in this world?  Were women so fragile that they did nothing back then but cook, clean, push out kids and faint at the sight of blood?

There were a few women,” said Hutchinson, “like John Adams’ wife” (like she doesn’t have her own name or something??) “The TV series tried really hard not to make it look like a bunch of dudes but it really was a bunch of dudes.” Well maybe if you believe the hype… or maybe that’s just an excuse for not wanting to give the fans what they’ve been clamoring for, and that’s a lead female assassin. Hutchinson even went on to say that a female assassin in a crowd of guys just wouldn’t be believable. (As if the game is rooted so much in reality).

Now there is the Assassin’s Creed III : Liberation game whose lead protagonist is a female assassin named Aveline. She’s half-French, half-African and fights against slavery. That’s great and all… if you own the handheld Playstation Vita, that is. The game was made exclusively for that format.

Assassins Creed 3 Liberation logo Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?

Hutchinson’s actually got it all wrong, though. There were several females from the American Revolution who played a crucial role in the war. Here’s a quick look at some of those “fragile females” from back in the day…

Catherine Moore Barry – The Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina

katemoore Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?

Patriots’ General Morgan was outmanned by the Brit Cornwallis. Morgan needed an edge and found it in Catherine “Kate” Barry who knew all of the shortcuts and Indian trails in the area. She carried messages on horseback and spied for the Pats while rounding up more men to fight alongside them.  With her help, General Morgan defeated Cornwallis causing his retreat to Yorktown, where General Washington was waiting. This was a decisive victory and a major turning point in the war.


Margaret Corbin – Fort Washington, North Manhattan

molly pitcher Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?

Originally, Margaret was just there to cook for and help her husband who was one of the guys who loaded the cannons. When the fort was attacked, Margaret went into battle mode and fought alongside her husband and 600 other soldiers. When her husband was killed, she took over cannon duties and kept firing until she was badly injured herself. An army doctor found her and nursed her back to health but she was permanently disabled. She was the first American woman to receive a military pension.

It should be noted that several women were put in charge of firing the cannons during the Revolutionary War. Another was Molly McCauley who was so good that she raised the morale of her regimen and was made a Sergeant by General Washington himself.

ACF9B57 Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?


Nancy Hart – Herbalist, hunter and sharpshooter from the back country of Georgia

image001 Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?

Known by local Indians as “Wahatche” which means “war woman,” Nancy is known for her actions one night when some British soldiers came looking for a patriot which she admitted that she had been helping. Before they left, the soldiers ordered her to cook them a turkey. After feeding them copious amounts of food and alcohol, she grabbed one of their muskets and shot two of them dead. She is also known for disguising herself as a man and going undercover in the British camp to gather information.


Martha Bratton – Arsonist, North Carolina

bratton Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?

Martha and her hubby Colonel Bratton had a huge store of gunpowder which the British wanted for themselves. While her husband was away fighting in the war, Martha caught wind of their plan but didn’t have enough time to move the gunpowder. Not wanting to let it fall into the enemy’s hands, Martha poured a trail of the gunpowder from the store house off into the distance where she waited.  When the Brits rolled up, Martha lit the gunpowder and in classic Roadrunner and Coyote style, blew up the place.


Sybil Ludington – Fredricksburg, New York

Sybil is known as the female Paul Revere. It is said that she rode twice as far yet somehow, Paul gets all the glory. When the Brits where on their way, Sybil volunteered to ride from village to village letting everyone know so that they were ready to fight when the British got there. Don’t believe me? Here’s a statue.

sybilludington2 Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?


Prudence Wright – The Minutewomen of Proton, Mass.

FemaleSoldier Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?

Forget about those other guys, Prudence got together with a bunch of women from town and – wearing their husbands’ clothes – armed themselves with muskets, pitchforks, whatever they could get their hands on, and defended the one bridge leading into their town. They hid in the brush until a British solder rode up and they dispossessed him of the messages he was carrying, then passed them along to the local regimen. Then they went back home, made some tea, and sat in a circle giggling and knitting. Well, the first part is true, anyway.


Elizabeth Burgin – Jailbreak Queen, New York Harbor

burgin20 Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?

Back in the day, the British had prison ships where they kept their POWs. Elizabeth Burgin used to bring the men food and such until one day a prisoner asked her to help him escape. She thought so much of the idea that she helped over 200 prisoners go free. Then she went into hiding, destitute and homeless, until the government awarded her with a pension in 1781.


Grace and Rachel Martin – The lady ninjas of South Carolina

After growing tired of the way the British treated women and children, two sisters dressed up in their husbands’ clothes and armed with guns, they ambushed some British soldiers and retrieved messages which they turned over to the militia. Later that night, they went home and found the same men enjoying a homecooked meal at their mom’s house.  Luckily, it was dark out and the men didn’t recognize them in their womenfolk gear.

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Deborah Sampson aka Massachusetts Mulan

deborah sampson 2 sized Is Assassins Creed III Sexist Against Women?

Robert Shirtliffe was a soldier in the 4th Regimen of Massachusetts. One thing though, he wasn’t really a man. He was actually his sister disguised as a man. Deborah Sampson joined up under her bro’s name and fought in the Revolutionary Army for years until she was finally wounded in battle. Just like Mulan did, Deborah wrapped herself up to disguise her boobs and cut her hair to make herself look like a dude.  A doctor figured it all out but never ratted on her, taking her to his house to recover.  She later was given an honorable discharge and her husband was the first man to collect on a widower’s pension.

So it really wouldn’t have been that big of a stretch to have a female assassin from the Revolutionary War era as a lead character in Assassin’s Creed III.  Considering the fact that 47% of all gamers are women, it might be a good idea not to ignore such a substantial portion of the gaming demographic.

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