Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

As st 1 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

A line of “alternate” appearance statues have been created in Japan (where else) of the female characters from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Some in the line are Christie Monteiro, Jay Cee (Julia Chang), and a few others…however, what caught my eye was the limited edition of 1500 world wide, Asuka Kazama.

As st 2 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

Asuka is from Osaka Japan, her name Kazama may sound familiar to Tekken fans as being the last name of Jin and Jun; her relationship to them is probably being the daughter of Jun’s brother and Jin’s cousin. In Tekken 5, her ending is really funny and makes her appear as a “dip-stick” as she runs into Jin and perverted hilarity ensues.

As st 3 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

The statue is about 7 inches tall, claiming to be 9 inches, but with her leaning, I guess there is the loss—she is about the height of a Masters of the Universe Classics figure. Although Asuka doesn’t have articulation, I’d consider her a “toy” due to the fact that I keep action figures posed as statues.

As st 4 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

The detail is amazing, the color scheme is what makes her a limited edition due to the fact that the main statue is colored in blues and blacks, this one gives reds and blacks and was made in limited numbers.

As st 5 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

Her outfit is re-imagined as her halter top being zippered…down…with a pin or button of the “flying bird” that is upon the back of her bodysuit which has been pulled down over her butt as she leans forward with a winking salute to her fallen opponent.

The sculpting is just amazing from her body detail to her outfit detail—her bodysuit and halter both have zippers that are perfectly carved and her face, and hair are sculpted to perfection.

As st 6 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

The side view shows the life that this statue takes on with all the details showing.

As st 7 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

The back view shows how her bodysuit has layers to the stitching and that it appears that she pulled it off with the arm holes being inside out.

As st 8 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

The base is clear plastic and has a removable bottom that allows you to choose one of three inserts. The one I chose was the image of the character. The other two are the “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” logo and the last is like a signature reading “Tekken Project” No need to picture them, the one I chose is all that is needed!

As st 9 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

Asuka Kazama is just a masterpiece and she deserves to be out of the box and on display (behind glass) for maximum enjoyment. I got this piece from an Ebay seller in France and the service was great and she came quickly and in perfect condition, it is very satisfying especially because of the cost. This statue is very rare, it would have been easier to get the regular one in blue, but you know, sometimes you have to have something and stop caring about how you are going to get it…

As st 10 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

Pictured with Racing Miku, you can see the scale and quality of the sculpt being comparable to others.

As st 11 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

Pictured with the Playarts Jun Kazama, there is an obvious size difference and one is a fully articulated action figure, however, it once again gives a good comparison of what Asuka truly is; a beautiful statue that is nothing but eye candy.

An amazing piece; Asuka Kazama is a treasured collectible for me and was worth every penny; she is absolutely my favorite character from the Tekken video game series and there is very little out there that I can get outside of the video games.

If I were to grade her…

GRADE: A+++++++++++++ (Yeah, it’s not a fair grade; it’s just that I love her…go figure…)


pixel Asuka Kazama Bishoujo Statue!

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