Avengers Blu-ray Trailer

hulk MAIN 1449375a Avengers Blu ray Trailer

What the hell..a trailer for a home video release?  Actually, I’m just being over-dramatic.  Studios have been releasing trailers for their cash show video releases for awhile now.  20th Century Fox is a big fan of this.  I remember they released one for Star Wars and Avatar on blu-ray.

Now it’s Disney’s turn to hype up their biggest movie ever, The Avengers.  The blu-ray will come in 2 sets with the 2d and 3d versions and released Sept 25th.  The rumored director’s cut is just that…a rumor.  It won’t be included in this release.

Will Disney release a director’s cut in the future?  I doubt it.  Looking at Disney’s track record they just release theatrical cuts.  If you remember a Disney director’s cut, let me know.

pixel Avengers Blu ray Trailer

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