Awesome PSA Owning Rude Theater Customer

One of the reasons I don’t like going to theaters on weekends are the annoying moviegoers that’s constantly checking their phones every 5 seconds. It’s distracting and I can’t focus on the movie anymore. That’s why I usually watch a movie on a weekday now, it’s less crowded and the audience seems to know that they’re not in their living room. Alamo Drafthouse, a movie theater in Texas, has a strict rule when it comes to the annoying customers. You get warned twice and if you still keep talking/texting, you get booted out without a refund. The female customer in the PSA got the boot after being warned several time. Then she called and left a voicemail about her ordeal:

0 Awesome PSA Owning Rude Theater Customer

I’m so glad they made her voicemail into a PSA. This girl actually thinks she has the right to text because she’s “done it before and no one complained at other theatres.” Wow, talk about being self centered, then she lies that she only used her phone to find her seat. I’m glad this customer got owned. Can’t stand moviegoers that think they can do whatever they want because they paid for a ticket.

BTW, Alamo Drafthouse is an awesome movie theater, they have special screenings for cult movies and Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Machete) is a a regular there. They also make awesome posters like the one below that sells out in miutes and goes for tons of money on eBay.

robocopposterstout1 Awesome PSA Owning Rude Theater Customer

Source: Yahoo

pixel Awesome PSA Owning Rude Theater Customer

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