Awesome Street Fighter Shirts

I remember going to the diner by my apartment at least twice a week just so I can play Street Fighter 2.  Back then, there was no youtube or gamefaqs to help me beat the game.  I had to figure out the moves and patterns of my opponents by myself.  I never did beat the game at the arcade but once it came out for SNES, I played it all day long.

Ever since Street Fighter 2 came out, the game got a hardcore following.  Capcom always delivered with the SF games and ventured out, including having brawls with Marvel and SNK.

Great products came out for the game including comics from Udon, action figure line from SOTA and Play Arts Kai.

Now the tradition continues with bad ass shirts from Eternal Rival.  I found out about these shirts on Saturday by checking their FB fan page, they already have an active and loyal community.

Below are some of their designs:

redyclone1 Awesome Street Fighter Shirts
This is my favorite.  I love the propaganda design of one of the strongest character in SF.

raging black 03 Awesome Street Fighter Shirts
It’s all about subtlety.  The design stands on its own but if you get the reference, it’s even cooler…hint..character starts with an “A” and ends with an “A”.

dictatorblack2 Awesome Street Fighter Shirts
The big boss!  The Shadaloo logo is a nice touch.

Make sure to check out Eternal Rival’s site for more designs.


pixel Awesome Street Fighter Shirts

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