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Do you ever find yourself scouring the internet for something hilarious to relieve your boredom?  Well look no further because Awkward Family Photos dot com has your fix for your need to laugh at other people’s misery.

This site got it all from bad prom photos, to dreadful wedding pictures, to horrible portraits, you will be falling out of your chair for hours.  Some pictures will have you questioning the photographer’s choice rather than the people in the photograph.

Compiled entirely of pictures  sent in to the site, there are always fresh new pictures and hilarious stories to share in the segment Awkardian: Behind the Awkardness.

Good site I strongly recommend…..

and now the Awkwardness………

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Oh shut up you know this is awesome

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New show coming to the CW "The rich and ungratful."

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Oh my god that babies possessed!!!

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Born on this day onto thee people, the lord give thee...French Bulldog Jesus.

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The Derricksons were never seen or heard from again. OOOOHHHH! Yeah I did.

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