AX ’08 is Over =(

It’s always a blast at Anime Expo. This year I thought Anime Expo being in
Los Angeles was a bad idea, but as the days pass by, it wasn’t so bad. Things of note: two of my buddies got shafted for inappropriate cosplaying outfits, ninjas striking mercilessly, glomps out of nowhere, crossplayers and Bleach and Naruto is everywhere.

I was sad to see there were no Spartans this year. I might have to get back in shape and don my Spartan outfit once again. One of my buddies was dressed up as Naked Cowboy, wearing white underwear, cowboy hat and sporting a Guitar Hero guitar in hand. He was stopped by the Los Angeles Convention Center staff and was soon surrounded by twelve cops (maybe an exaggeration, but sounds cool). The cops were like, “Put some pants on.” And he was like, “No.”

And my other friend, Dex, dressed up as a Myspace page. The AX staff was in full force and didn’t allow him to wear that outfit, because it was considered a sign. Newsflash, since when was a website page a sign?

There’s some more shit that happened, but I can’t think of anything now. So just tune in again next time because we’re going to have more pics, and put up our video interviews! It’s gonna be tentalicious!!!

pixel AX ’08 is Over =(

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