Big Bad Beetleborgs: DVD Review!

Beetleborgs Big Bad Beetleborgs: DVD Review!

Coming to DVD on October 16th 2012 is Big Bad Beetleborgs. A Saban series from the 90’s from SHOUT! Factory that takes older Japanese footage and mixes it with original footage from the 90’s series.

VERY cheesy and aimed at children with physical slap-stick comedy (which can be funny) and the stiff action that resembles Power Rangers and VR Troopers. Beetleborgs is filmed in such a way that it appears to be a living comic book by having impact effects pop onto the screen during battle as they did in the Batman series of the 1960’s (biff, bam pow)!

The following is a synopsis of the show:

When three kids explore Charterville’s haunted Hillhurst Mansion on a dare, they discover a lot more than they bargain for! The trio find a wild and wacky phasm named Flabber, who changes their lives forever when he grants their wish to become the superheroes they’ve read about in BeetleBorgs comics. However, not only does Flabber grant the kids’ wish, but he also accidentally facilitates the escape of super villain Vexor and his evil gang of Magnavors from the comic book as well! Now it’s up to these three newly tapped superheroes — aided by a friendly neighborhood phasm and armed with fantastic powers and awesome vehicles — to save the world from the forces of darkness that threaten the peace and harmony of all mankind.

Although Big Bad Beetleborgs is way below my standards of TV watching, I found it to be entertaining if you let yourself go and just watch it for what its worth. One of the positive aspects is that there is more original footage than scenes from Japan, so the young and more mature actors get an appropriate amount of screen time. The main characters are kids which makes the show something that younger children could enjoy more than someone my age.
I do however enjoy seeing the spoiled rich kids get their comeuppance in the end—a show of their cowardice or a bucket of water dumped on their heads makes for a pleasurable laugh!

The acting is OK and I think it helps with relaying the comedy of the series. There are classic movie monsters running around foolishly who are sort of allies of the group and a rubber-nosed ghostly Elvis Impersonator as their guide. I don’t think a viewer should take this show too seriously; it would ruin the fun and entertainment.

Spanning 3 DVD’s and 27 episodes, this set has a great picture quality and the sound is as good as your speakers can handle. There are no extras, but in this case, less is more.

I recommend Big Bad Beetleborgs to anyone who grew up watching the show in the 90’s or even fans of Japanese “rubber suits.” Someone who watched Power Rangers or VR Troopers would also enjoy this DVD set, however, its good, clean, fun for all children (and some adults)…


pixel Big Bad Beetleborgs: DVD Review!

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