Bishoujo In Mass Effect With Liara T’Soni

liara closeup1 Bishoujo In Mass Effect With Liara TSoni

The sculpts and paint jobs keep getting better for Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line.  I think this might be there best figure to date.  It has a nice pose and the paint job looks stunning, it doesn’t look too shiny and plasticky (is that even a word?).

Below are pics and press release:

liara front2 Bishoujo In Mass Effect With Liara TSoni

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Mass Effect took the video game world by storm in 2007, giving Xbox 360 (and later PC) players the chance to explore the galaxy as Commander Shepherd.  The BioWare hit featured great sci-fi characters and action, spawning one sequel that included PlayStation 3 as well, and a third and final incarnation is due out next year.  Kotobukiya is proud to present its first bishoujo statue from the Mass Effect series and one of its most popular alien characters, LIARA T’SONI!  Interestingly enough, as a member of the Asari race (who have no specific gender but appear female by human standards), Liara is also the first non-specifically female member of the Bishoujo line… though you couldn’t tell by looking at her.

liara detail Bishoujo In Mass Effect With Liara TSoni
A “pureblood” Asari, Liara is both a scholar and a warrior.  Channeling her martial instinct, the distinctive blue-skinned alien stands with a Phalanx at the ready and a folded M-3 Predator holstered at her hip.  Alert to danger and careful to observe her surroundings, Liara leans on her slightly bent right leg and arches her back, emphasizing her gorgeous body.  The doctor is mostly covered by her armored outfit, but it accentuates her curves instead of hiding them.  A skin-tight black bodysuit is visible under matching boots, jacket, and lingerie-like clothing in stunning blue and silver.  Meanwhile, Liara’s head is bare, revealing her striking blue skin and alien features that make her unique from previous bishoujo statues! 
liara closeup3 Bishoujo In Mass Effect With Liara TSoni
Sculpted by Busujimax (Takaboku Busujima), Liara T’soni stands nearly 10 inches tall (1/7 scale) on a special display base.  Don’t miss out on this galactic defender (who will be released shortly after the third game), and watch out for the upcoming ARTFX Commander Shepard!
msrp $59.99

Available April 2012.

liara back Bishoujo In Mass Effect With Liara TSoni


pixel Bishoujo In Mass Effect With Liara TSoni

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