Bitch’in Book Review! “The Way Of One Gypsy.”

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Recently I’ve put down my text books and picked up a read that I didn’t know too much about. The book is called “The Way Of One Gypsy” By: Clarissa Simmens. “The Way Of One Gypsy” is a fictional story about a family of Romani (Gypsies) who came to the United States from Europe. The story is loosely themed like the animated movie “American Pop” by: Ralph Bakshi where it begins with the great grand parents and then goes down until the main character Kaylita whom tells the story is the focus and her life is revealed as the story progresses.

I compare this story to the movie “American Pop” because of the themes and storytelling, I also see the music, and 60’s life in it as was the main focus of “American Pop.” The 60’s generation really comes out in this tale and you can feel for the character Kaylita as she goes through life with the minimum of her family’s history in her knowledge. “The Way Of One Gypsy” is a quick read that keeps your attention and interest–the kind of book that you can’t put down until it’s finished.

“The Way Of One Gypsy” is separated into multiple parts with the fictional “life” story being first, followed by Drom Romani which features folk art, wooden disks featuring picture interpretations just like Tarot cards. Each piece has a fully described meaning and the folk art itself is very nice and fun.

Next, in true Gypsy fashion of health and well-being are a few pages on vegetable juicing which describes what to juice and why–an excellent extra for the health conscious. This is followed by some ingredients for natural medications.

In closing the book, there is a passage on “The Evil Eye” and how to counteract it, there are also explanations for numerology, Lunar Phases and other points of interest. These passages give insight into why things may go wrong in life and what to do to make it better.

I find “The Way Of One Gypsy” to be a really enjoyable book. I’ve been so engrossed in college text books for almost a year now that I hardly ever get to read for my own enjoyment–I have a Kindle that just sits there when I could be reading for fun all the time! I decided to go with this book because it wasn’t very long, it offered a lot of different themes and I simply found it to be interesting. This book was written by a real Romani and I feel it’s one of the best books to read for a mixture of story, facts and those into metaphysical interest. Personally, for me, I’ve read Tarot cards for years and this book shows a different interpretation of them, so that is what caught my interest–also, it was only $6 bucks on the linked website so you can’t go wrong.

I recommend “The Way Of One Gypsy” By: Clarissa Simmens, to just about anyone who likes a good tale, some Tarot-like wisdom and those who are into health and well-being, I also feel that if you like to help others then this is the book for you.

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Check it out–totally bitch’in!


Follow the link below to pick up a copy for yourself!

The Way Of One Gypsy, Clarissa Simmens

pixel Bitchin Book Review!  The Way Of One Gypsy.

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