Bitch’in Toy: G.I. Joe Doc!

With more exclusives than anyone else, Toys R Us has once again added to the fun of collecting by offering up one of the coolest figures to hit the market this year.

Doc FR1 683x1024 Bitchin Toy: G.I. Joe Doc!

“Doc” comes to us courtesy of the “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” toy line.

Priced at $7.00, “Doc” comes with everything but the kitchen sink! Complete with a “Rescue” backpack with fully detailed multi-tool, avalanche bomb, water can, and flashlight. This backpack is an accessory that comes with a Firefly figure for more destructive purposes.
“Doc” also comes with a shoulder bag which is difficult to put on, I had to pop his head off and take off the collar of his jacket to get it over his shoulder. Foot spikes that slip on his feet and work with the figure stand are also included. He even has his helmet that is repainted from the “classic” version of the figure. He comes with two “guns” a flare gun and what I make out to be a medicine injector–“Doc” is a pacifist, although for some reason it says on his profile that he likes an automatic assault rifle–good job Hasbro!
The best accessory is probably his stretcher, it’s the same as the “classic” figures, however in white and it has a cloth blanket which you can wrap your wounded in.

Doc Fig FR1 807x1024 Bitchin Toy: G.I. Joe Doc!

As with all of the current G.I. Joe figures, “Doc” has multiple points of articulation and is well detailed.

The figure is modeled in an Arctic theme. Figures from late 09 and early 2010 have been categorized into 3 different themes: City, Jungle and Arctic. “The adventure continues!”

Doc BK1 699x1024 Bitchin Toy: G.I. Joe Doc!

I had a hard time getting the 2 figures, one was from the internet and one I found in store. The hassle was worth it for such a great figure; “Doc” has always been one of my favorites.

I highly recommend getting “Doc”–that is, if you can find him…Remember what I always say, don’t pay the prices of the specialty shops unless that is your LAST option.

Happy Collecting!

pixel Bitchin Toy: G.I. Joe Doc!

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