Bitch’in Toy: Heetseek Missile System!

MMS 1 1024x758 Bitchin Toy: Heetseek Missile System!

The impossible to find Walmart exclusive: G.I. Joe battle stations were a headache to find for months. All I wanted was the Heetseek Missile System which was once called the MMS; it was colored green and came with Hawk back in the early 80’s.

Finally, after a lot of patience, I found what I wanted at cost, not 3 times it’s value.

MMS 2 1024x793 Bitchin Toy: Heetseek Missile System!

The Heetseek is colored as the second version of the product called the SMS which was an 80’s Sears exclusive that came with a red HISS tank. The black portable launching system with red missiles comes with 2 figures. The figures are a basic Neo Viper (the movies answer to either a Viper or even a trooper) and the coolest version of Scrap Iron ever made. Scrap Iron has the standard detail of his body, but it’s his head that stands out. Scrap Iron’s face is all scarred up and one of his eyes is whited out–I guess something blew up in his face! Poor Guy…

MMS 3 1024x944 Bitchin Toy: Heetseek Missile System!

Included are a bunch of accessory weapons, back pack and the movie style profile cards which are a part of the beautifully made box. The box is detailed with great art on the sides and a very solid clear plastic window. The “wooded” background is actually a diorama set-up.

MMS 4 1024x957 Bitchin Toy: Heetseek Missile System!

The toy itself has three removable missiles, a rotating turret, a tow hitch to attach to “your” HISS or other vehicle with a receiver. There are also rolling wheels and support feet to keep it steady for blowing up Joes or Any Town USA. While they are at it, the Cobra’s could also blow up great places around the world and maybe if they are successful and the meddling Joes don’t stop them, Scrap Iron could be promoted and the Neo Viper could become a Crimson Neo Viper…

MMS 5 1024x701 Bitchin Toy: Heetseek Missile System!

ANYHOW, the Heetseek Missile System is a great item and will probably keep a high value even if it’s not the one people REALLY want–my view however, is that the value is in how much I enjoy it, not how much money it can make me.

pixel Bitchin Toy: Heetseek Missile System!

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