Bitch’in Toy: MOTU Classic’s Teela

Just what I need another collection! The Masters of the Universe Classic’s collection features some great detail, a vast array of accessories and some fun extras such as a profile on the character. What I miss the most is the mini comic that the figures from the 80’s would come with.

Teela 1 700x1024 Bitchin Toy: MOTU Classics Teela

Teela has always been one of my favorite characters. She was the first female in a line of predominantly male characters–followed by Evil-Lyn and then later, The Sorceress.

The figure resembles the 80’s build with details from the 2002 line. The detail of the figure is excellent with a well sculpted face and lots of articulation.

Teela’s weapons are a combined inclusion of the 80’s figure and the 2002 figure; these weapons are her snake staff (called the Staff of Ka), a small shield, a sword that was introduced in 2002 and her snake armor with an additional head which is also well sculpted. The final accessory is a small version of Zoar, the second form of the Sorceress. Originally, Zoar was simply a war hawk–(falcon).

Teela 2 Bitchin Toy: MOTU Classics Teela

Teela and Zoar being included together is reminiscent of a great MOTU 2 pack that included both characters, it’s a hard item to find and when you do, you have to mortgage the house to buy it.

This Teela figure is the first issue of the figure and the package is in amazingly great condition. I was able to get it for less than $2.00 over cost so I’m quite happy. It looks like I can’t resist He-Man and the Masters of the Universe being born once again, I have joined Club Eternia from and I’m looking into getting the figures that I really want from what has come out already. I’m lucky that everyone who buys the figures on “new figure day” buy 10 to sell–may the lowest price plus shipping win!

pixel Bitchin Toy: MOTU Classics Teela

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