Bitch’in Toy Of The Week: The Batman 3 packs!

When the cartoon series “The Batman” came onto television courtesy of the WB, I was a little judgmental.  I had grown up with “Batman: The Animated Series” and all of a sudden it had changed to some odd show featuring a “wire-foo” Penguin, Marilyn Manson Riddler and common thug Mr. Freeze.  The show had pulled so far away from what the comics were and couldn’t compare to the original Animated Series.  However, I liked the art and animation, it was pretty decent and gave a real Japanese Anime feel.  It was good in that aspect, however I was still having trouble with a lot of the story.

All in all, I’ve looked past the big mistakes and looked to the big picture.  The show is for kids and maybe I should look at it as a form of mindless entertainment.  What I do like fully are the figures.

TBM CF VSF 1024x598 Bitchin Toy Of The Week: The Batman 3 packs!

Clayface, Ventriloquist and Scarface & Batman

Two 3 packs of figures were issued to the market that featured characters that weren’t easily available or that did not come as single figures.  In order to get these figures you had to buy the short supplied/short lived 3 packs that were exclusive to Target OR a 6 figure Arkham Asylum pack from Toys R Us that featured just about the same characters.

The above picture shows the Clayface, Batman and the Ventriloquist with Scarface set.  There wasn’t a Scarface single figure, so to get it, you either had to get this set or the Arkham set.

TBM PI MF 1024x600 Bitchin Toy Of The Week: The Batman 3 packs!

Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Batman

What a great way to package Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy–reminds me of a horrible movie called “Batman and Robin”.  Same villains from that movie…  To get Poison Ivy, you had to get this set, or the Arkham set, there was no single figure.

Both sets offer figures with very good sculpts and nice coloring.  The details of the figures are accurate to the cartoon.  Scarface looks great and really detailed.  The Ventriloquist -or- “Dummy” resembles the cartoon counterpart perfectly.  Poison Ivy has great eyes and her big red (rose) hair is reminiscent of the cartoon.  As for Freeze, Clayface and the Batman(s), they are all well detailed.  Each figure has different points of articulation with the Batman figures having the most and Poison Ivy having the least.  Keeping the sets packaged is a better idea than opening them to sit on a shelf where they’ll get dusty and discolored from the air.  All in all, they are a great collectable item and they are hard to find, thanks to ebay and reasonable prices I myself can be satisfied in my collecting.  Great figures!

pixel Bitchin Toy Of The Week: The Batman 3 packs!

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