Bitch’in Toy: Rodimus Minor AKA Hot Rod!

It’s a sad day when you get the last piece from a collection that has been in the making for a few years.

Finally, Rodimus Minor (whom will be referred to as Hot Rod from now on) is in my hands and at the top of my collection of Transformers Animated figures.

HotRod 1 637x1024 Bitch’in Toy: Rodimus Minor AKA Hot Rod!

Hot Rod is detailed in such a way that even Judd Nelson would be happy to voice him again!  As a sports car he looks almost like the original from the 80’s. There is a difference in size but between the paint job, the large canopy window (that opens) and bad ass spoiler, he is close to being the same. Other details include the exhaust pipes on the sides and the supercharger coming out of his hood–after all, he is Hot Rod, speed is what he does best–and goofing off with Daniel…hitting on Arcee…and becoming Rodimus Prime!

HotRod 2 778x1024 Bitch’in Toy: Rodimus Minor AKA Hot Rod!

The change from bitch’in car to robot is not too bad, I recommend taking ones time so nothing gets damaged–I’m surprised that these things are for kids! The robot details are the usual thin build, muscular top and very vast articulation. Hot Rod is loaded with ball joints which allow him to be posed in many stances. The detail is pretty good, the face is interesting if anything.

Hot Rod 3 1010x1024 Bitch’in Toy: Rodimus Minor AKA Hot Rod!

Included is a kid-friendly bow and rockets (arrows) which fits in his hand and in vehicle mode it can be mounted to the top of the cars body. Interesting, but give him a damn gun–or a Target Master gun/robot…yeah…nice…

The packaging is awesome as usual with Transformers Animated figures. Featuring cartoon artwork, a bio, and star bursts of what he can do or what he comes with.

Due to Hot Rod being the last figure in my Transformers Animated collection, I want to feature the finished collection. I don’t have every figure made in the line, just the ones that I wanted.

Hot Rod 4 1024x768 Bitch’in Toy: Rodimus Minor AKA Hot Rod!

MY,Top five feature:

2. Hot Rod
3. Soundwave and Soundblaster
4. Blurr
5. Megatron

It’s hard to pick a favorite with the planes so I choose regular Lugnut, there is something cool about the figure. Optimus Prime is Prime, he is one of the best figures made and will always be a favorite, but I had to choose my absolute tops!

TF Animated had a great line of figures. Japan had put them out recently and they are really nice. each has a metallic paint job and the same details as the figures released in the States. The packages are very Japanese by featuring the toy itself instead of cartoon artwork. Bulkhead is Ironhide for some reason, not sure why because Ironhide was made apparently from what I saw. The best thing about the Japanese figures is the fact that Electrostatic Soundwave is properly called Soundblaster on the package–sounds right to me!

Hot Rod is a great figure, I picked up 2 because I’m one of those crazy collectors who wants one to open and one to keep packaged for display–more fun for me!

ONLY Toys R Us sells Hot Rod (Rodimus Minor) so check the website out or maybe you’ll get lucky going into a store. If you see Hot Rod–grab it and run to the register!!!


pixel Bitch’in Toy: Rodimus Minor AKA Hot Rod!

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