Bitch’in Toy: Wun-Dar!

Wundar main 1024x716 Bitchin Toy: Wun Dar!

Wun-Dar, the Wonderbread mail away figure comes to life once again for collectors who weren’t able to get it from the bread company in the early 80’s.
A lot of tales exist for the origins of this figure however, the truth is this: There are photos of proof on the internet, (I just don’t want to take someone’s picture–do a search on Google by typing in Wun-Dar). The first step was to send in a coupon from Wonderbread and in the determined time you were sent a He-Man with darker skin and hair and no outfit, he came with a few dark red weapons including an axe and small sword a-la Castle Grayskull weapons rack repaints. When you received him, you were to combine the figure and the black armor of Zodac and the black ray-gun that came in the Weapons Pack and there you have it, Wun-Dar.

Wundar1 720x1024 Bitchin Toy: Wun Dar!

This figure is from the Masters of the Universe Classic’s collection and was only offered by joining’s Club Eternia for 2010. It was shipped in April with Evil-Lyn because there was not enough to go around at the shipping date.

Wun-Dar resembles the 80’s mail away in the modern sculpt. He comes complete with a black Zodac armor with a cool rocket pack on the back–there is a Wonderbread symbol on the tip of the rocket that is a white circle with yellow, blue and red dots.
Also included is a black Zodac ray-gun with great detail. The new accessories are a complete Power Sword in black and a half Power Sword also in black. The final accompaniment is a loaf of Wonderbread referred to as the “Eternian Baked Good”.

Wundar back 710x1024 Bitchin Toy: Wun Dar!

The back of the box features a profile on the character and the classic “Also Available” listing of figures. There is also a clear plastic hang tab for retail use.

Wun-Dar is probably the end-all of the coolest figure ever made and is a must have for collectors. The aftermarket/ebay prices are scattered and range between $55 and well over $100. You can also bid, but that seems to go to the mid 50’s+ at closing.

Map of Eter Bitchin Toy: Wun Dar!

Map Folds Out Into A Poster.

As part of Club Eternia, Wun-Dar also shipped with a fold out map of Eternia which is pretty basic and tells the locations of the areas traveled from the TV show.

The white mailer box is also included to protect the figure, I also feel that this simple package is quite collectible too.

My Wun-Dar has a nice comfy spot in the China Closet where “He’ll” be safe for my viewing pleasure.

A highly recommended figure for MOTU collectors.

pixel Bitchin Toy: Wun Dar!

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