Bitch’in Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!

About a month ago I previewed the 2 G.I. Joe Resolute 7 packs of action figures. Now I’ll present the actual figures themselves with great pictures to go along with the descriptions.

Zartan and Alley Viper 1024x888 Bitchin Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!

Zartan And Alley Viper.

Cobra: Zartan and Alley Viper: Zartan is highly detailed with a solid paint job and a great face sculpt. The figure resembles the scrawny Australian assassin from the animated movie and comes with detailed weapons such as his rifle and “Tri-gun.” Also included is a file card that mixes both original and movie-related info. He has a stand with his name on it and will probably be a highlight in any collectors Zartan line-up.

Alley Viper is just as well a basic soldier (not as cool as the orange and blue clad “super soldier” like the original). He has the same weapons as the Cobra Officer/Trooper and adds a small sub-machine gun and goggles. Alley Viper also includes a stand and file card.

Destro and Cobra Commander 1024x873 Bitchin Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!

Destro And Cobra Commander.

Destro and Cobra Commander: This version of Destro is amazingly detailed and includes some of the coolest accessories. The first new item is the robotic arm that can be swapped out to make this arms dealer quite badass. He has a highly detailed briefcase and rifle. The head of course is not chromed, but the paint scheme is pretty cool and goes well with the glowing green eyes. Also included are pistols which are packed in the bag with the figure stands. His file card and stand are also included. Destro is actually taller than the other figures which is cool because that is the way he has always been depicted since the original show. This Destro is probably my second favorite after the exclusive Christopher Eccleston sculpt.

Cobra Commander is the same figure as the Resolute carded and the specialty 5 pack where he is painted in a black outfit, however he includes his sword and a dagger that has a golden cobra handle. The paint is excellent on this figure and the detail is what is to be expected. A file card and stand are also included.

Baroness with and without 1024x952 Bitchin Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!


The Baroness is a repaint of the figure that came with the second 5 pack that re-introduced the G.I. Joe line for the 25 year anniversary. Added are the “skirt” and new head with removable glasses. The paint applications aren’t as great as I would want them to be, but the detail is very good. My favorite Baroness figure is still the first movie figure “Attack on the PIT.” I’d say that this Baroness is third or forth after the one included with the second 5 pack of Cobra’s which included a Viper over Destro. The Baroness comes with a pair of silver guns and of course the removable glasses, a file card and a figure stand.

Storm Shadow and Firefly 879x1024 Bitchin Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!

Storm Shadow And Firefly.

Storm Shadow and Firefly: Storm Shadow has a great sculpt and resembles the animated movie image perfectly. His hood is removable and he is equipped with a claw and his trademark swords. Also, the file card with movie reference and his stand.

Firefly is probably one of the best in the pack–if not for what he comes with, but his sculpt. There is an aura of evil about him in a military way. His head tells the story of how he seems to never fail when he takes on a job, even if that job is just firing a message missile into a meeting hall! Firefly has a large firing rocket launcher included with him, (the same one that came with the Resolute 5 pack) and a rifle. The file card and stand are as always, also included.

The Cobra set is very impressive to me, the detail is great and each figure has awesome paint applications that brings out more of the detail made in the sculpting of each individual figure.

Snake Eyes and Beachead 1024x878 Bitchin Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!

Snake Eyes And Beach Head.

The Joes: Snake Eyes and Beach Head. Snake Eyes has a healthy set of accessories including the ability to glide like a flying squirrel! Would I attempt to see if it works? Maybe if I was five… Also included are a black rifle, gear bag and his sword and scabbard. The mold is the same as the City Strike movie figure and the paint applications are solid. His file card includes the usual information melding original concepts with the animated movie plot. A figure stand finishes off the accessories.
Beach Head is sculpted in great detail and his knife is scaled to the size of a dagger or short sword, but I think it’s cool that the weapon is set up in such a way. Beach Head’s rifle is the exact mold of the one Snake Eyes comes with, however there are detailed paint applications that make it appear different. Adding the stand and file card completes the figure.

Duke and Flint 1024x926 Bitchin Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!

Duke And Flint.

Duke and Flint: Duke is now in his third incarnation of Resolute figures and this one spared no detail. Duke is ready to brave the cold with pistol and rifle and adding his stand and movie plotted file card completes the figure.

Flint is cool…(OK I’ll say more!) If I had to choose between Duke and Flint, I would always go with Flint, he was one of the most interesting characters by being highly intelligent and a soldier-boy. Maybe it was the beret? This figure has some of the best detail such as the personality in the face, the outfit and equipment and the paint applications. All the details are heavily accentuated; add his shotgun, pistols, file card and stand and you have the coolest figure version of Flint to date!

Scarlett 490x1024 Bitchin Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!


Scarlett is decently detailed, however I’m having trouble with her head, it seems that they were trying for more of a cartoony look than planned. The figure in itself is great by being garbed as the character in the movie and she comes complete with one of the better versions of her crossbow. Also included is a sniper rifle and–you guessed it, a file card and stand. To date, my favorite Scarlett’s are Dessert Ambush (black outfit from the movie line) and then Pilot (Glenda) Scarlett.
So far, it seems that Flint is the only one winning the popularity contest–good for him. Now, for the best of the batch!

Roadblock and Stalker 1024x894 Bitchin Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!

Roadblock And Stalker.

Roadblock and Stalker: They turned real people into action figures!!! The detail on Roadblock is amazing, his face resembles a guy I used to work with and the facial hair is textured to look real! Like Destro, Roadblock is taller and bigger than the others and totally cool! He comes with an interesting weapon in what looks to be a mountain climbing axe–I’d say it was a military style foxhole shovel and pick, but it’s just too big for that–awesome piece though. However, he does have his huge gun and ammo belt, the file card and figure stand.

Stalker is the most impressive. I don’t know what his fan base may be, but, Stalker was one of the original 1982 straight-arm figures, his file card states that he was once a gang leader and left that becoming a Ranger in the army. Stalker looked to be running around in his G.I. Joe pajamas and you wondered if he had G.I. Joe underoos underneath. Regardless–Roadblock was my favorite good guy in the original cartoon and Stalker is my favorite 2 line character in the Resolute movie. Stalker’s re-styling is awesome with the braided/dread-locked hair-do and being aged a bit to better maturity. I wish they focused more on him in the movie, but there is only so much you can do in under an hour. Stalker comes with a big knife, rifle, a pair of pistols a huge rocket and an awesome sculpt–cool figure, cool character! …Oh yeah, he has a file card and stand also…

Packaged with the stands are a few smaller weapons that you have to figure out who gets what, no instructions included.

Each figure has details down to the soles of their feet making this selection perfect for collectors. I’ve been inside both of the sets, will I remove them from the blister and display them, I haven’t decided yet, the cost dictates keeping them packaged, but I’m not sure…However, I highly recommend both sets to fans and collectors alike.

pixel Bitchin Toys: G.I. Joe Resolute!

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