Bitch’in Toy(s) Of The Week: Catwoman & Selina Kyle!

CatKyle1 1024x768 Bitchin Toy(s) Of The Week: Catwoman & Selina Kyle!

With the end of “The Batman” Animated Series to be taken over by the childish “Batman: Brave and the Bold,” The remnants of the “The Batman” toy line are becoming harder to get. It becomes a case of “I should have grabbed that while I had the chance!” This collector however, got lucky!

Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman is an old villain of Batman from the early days of the comic.  Throughout the years her costume changed and so did her affiliation with which side of the law she was on.

The Catwoman figure is from the Wizard Convention a few years ago and it’s just “2” of “6” or so different versions.  The differences were simply in the lion statue.  There were many to choose from, if you were lucky you could get the gold or silver one (which currently fetch the most money).  After that, there was a “fuzzy” one and a blue red and white lion.  At the bottom were the green and red lions.  (Sounds like Voltron!)  On-line specialty shops will tell the tale of price mark-up–some featuring the gold lion figure costing over $150.00!

The head of Catwoman is what really separates it from the Selina Kyle figure, that and the fact that the packaging is a diorama-style display; this makes opening the figure a thoughtless act in my personal opinion.

The Selina Kyle figure is the same as Catwoman with the identical accessories and the lion being green.  The head is obviously different, exposing Selina’s face and hair.  This is a low-value figure and is optional to open or not.  Just a warning–don’t pay more than $15.00 for this figure, the highest should be $10.00–at least for another year or so.  This one was $9.99!

All in all, as a Catwoman fan, these are both great collectables, however the “Hush” Catwoman will always be the best of the bunch!

pixel Bitchin Toy(s) Of The Week: Catwoman & Selina Kyle!

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