Blu-ray Review: Hannibal Season One

hannibal season 1 blu ray cover art Blu ray Review: Hannibal Season One

Hannibal is an excellent, intelligent serial killer series and a treat for horror and drama fans. Well-acted, cast, and shot, its one of the best new series on television. In a television landscape with many serial killer shows, Hannibal stands head and shoulders above the pack. The cast led by the brilliant Mads Mikkelsen as Dr Lector is among the best on television. Hugh Dancy is also good as the conflicted and tortured FBI agent Will Graham. This series makes Hannibal new and fresh and the portrayal by Mikkelsen is light years away from Anthony Hopkins hammy act in Silence of the Lambs. This is a disturbing often graphic show that may be too dark for some tastes but is well worth watching and following on a weekly basis.

The blu ray set looks great and includes all 13 season one episodes, including one episode that has never aired on television. It was pulled by the network around the time of the bombing in Boston. The extras include a few featurettes, commentaries, a gag reel, and some deleted scenes. The set is a must-have and is affordable to own.

Hannibal is a dark and compelling ride. One the viewers will be glad to tag along with. Fans are already looking forward to NBC airing a second season of this new cult favorite. An unexpected surprise considering the series had only average ratings for season one. It’s also a series not afraid of its horror roots and has a dark beauty few series on television can match. Visually its often stunning and Mikkelsen is an unnerving and creepy presence as Dr Lector. This series should contribute to him becoming even more popular in the US.

Grade: A-

pixel Blu ray Review: Hannibal Season One

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