Blu-Ray Review: Iron Man 3

im3 Blu Ray Review: Iron Man 3

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is back in the 3rd Iron Man.  This time he’s fighting a villain in Mandarin (Ben Kingsley).  Mandarin is all about chaos and anti freedom.  He makes propaganda videos and it pisses off Stark.  Tony Stark aka Iron Man makes it personal after his driver gets attacked by Mandarin’s goons and invites the villain to attack his Malibu estate.  Mandarin welcomes the invite and tears down the expensive ass house with helicopter missiles.  This leaves Tony Stark with only 1 broken suit.  He escapes the attack not knowing where his one true love, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is safe.  Stark teams up with a loner kid and learns again what it takes to be a superhero.  Stark calls Rodey Rhodes (Don Cheadle) to help him take out Mandarin.  The conclusion is pretty awesome as more Iron Man controlled suits show up and blow things up that would make Michael Bay proud.

Majority of the fans were disappointed and I’d have to agree with them.  The story didn’t make sense and the characters’ motives were weak, especially Tony Stark.  He’s suppose to be really smart yet he doesn’t protect his house from the attacks.  There’s also a scene at the end that’s facepalm worthy.   Mandarin was pretty bad ass though and I liked his character.  Most fans didn’t like he was portrayed but I was definitely entertained on my end.

If you’re a comic book fan, the movie is still worth watching.  There’s some cool scenes and Don Cheadle was a surprise after his crappy role in the 2nd movie.  This time, Rhodes  actually carries a lot of weight and even outshines Stark in the conclusion.  I’d put this movie between the 1st (best) and the 2nd (crappiest).  Some scenes are fun while some are boring and predictable

The presentation for the blu-ray is top notch.  Video is clear and the details are impressive.  Iron Man’s suit has never looked this good!  Sound is presented in 7.1 lossless HD DTS and there’s nothing to complain about.  The bass are heavy and tight while the surrounds are used often for ambiance effect and the action scenes.

Extras are decent for this release and the highlights  are the director commentary by Shane Black, a short Marvel film and deleted scenes.  The extras aren’t as extensive as I’d hope but the Shane Black commentary is insightful.

Overall, I’d recommend this movie as a rental and a must buy for Iron Man fans.  The movie is entertaining enough and the presentation is great but it needs more originality.

Grade: B-

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